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    A Cooling Cell will accept as much heat as offered to it, so far as I know. However, it doesn't dissipate that heat, it stores it. If there is something adjacent to it which can actively draw heat from a component, it will do so.

    Therefore, a Cooling Cell next to a quad uranium cell will absorb all the heat that quad cell produces. However, if there is a golden heat exchange component adjacent to the cooling cell, it will take that heat and distribute it among everything it is touching.

    Ah, makes sense. Didn't think about the fact that the cooling cells will be 'cooled' too, since the exchangers try to evenly divide the heat. It makes sense now, thanks!

    Hi all,

    Sorry if it has been asked before, but I couldn't really find anything. Consider this reactor. I know, I know, condensators aren't really worth it, but I used it as a test thinking I could replace them later on with cooling cells - switching nearly melted ones with fresh ones. (Also the design is far from perfect, but I wanted to make a model with the reflectors.)

    Turns out, they aren't really the same thing.. I thought that they were a heat-sink. I interpreted the wiki article as them being the same, but different in the "fix-the-damage-value". (one needs to be recharged, the other cooled). But when you replace the condensators with coolant cells (and adjust the time limit thingy to before they melt) the other componends degrade (?) along with the cooling cell. (ingame too)

    My question being: how do they work? A fixed amount of heat per tick?