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    I want greg to make me a robot. Doesn't hafta do anything. Just be there. Maybe walk back and forth. Maybe pick up after me. Polish my machines when Im not around. Tell me it loves me and Im the greatest.


    Then when I build my nuclear reactor it integrates with it, grows massive and I have a boss fight against my robot.Oh, and name it Bob.

    Is there a reason for the granite btw? The thought just came to me. GT doesnt have fun stuff in his mod, nor construction stuff. Its machines, bigger machines and torture. But then he has granite which can be made into blocks that mob cant spawn on. I never thought to think of it before today but it seems weird for this mod to have a block, that does something great, without a downside. Blocks of <> ore? Well you just used <> ore to make it. Granite? Meh. You mined it, its stronger then cobble and no pesky mobs anyway.

    When was it even added? And I asked on the previous page, but any plans for steps/slabs? Or anyone know of a mod with steps/slabs that are close enough to not look weird as wooooah when used with these?

    Also, how does one get mossy versions of granite? Ive never seen one yet. Sadface.

    Oh. I know. I just didnt distinguish between advance machine casings. I had the materials so I was like.. why not make half out of advanced? Even the GT wiki says any machine casings. But there are 2 versions of machine casings and no wiki distiguished between 'Expensive' and 'The other guy'. Hence my error. In the end it doesnt matter, I fixed it all the same. I have a new found hate for items with the same name now though.I currently hate looking up steel in NEI now. I mean, I know how to make it thank the lord. But there are atleast 12 different entries, starting with no less then 4-5 steel from different mods which greg has graciously nerfed every last one of. Then super steel, superduper steel, ultimate steel, and then godlike steel. I understand the real world is like that too. Hydrogen, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen whatever, go on and on. But its a goddamn mess when no one specifics what can be used, says something like 'Every form of hydrogen is fine' but the reality is you need x y z instead of w.

    I found my problem. It was a 'Im a dumbass and these items all have the same damn name' problem. I fixed it. And will now electrolize the hell out of every damn ruby I have.

    Why are items all named the same thing? Ill never know. Name them 'Expensive Building Blocks' instead of advanced machine casing. Or 'That thing you need rubies for Casing'. I hadnt built a blast furnace in forever. So it was my mistake here. If I woulda checked back a long time ago I woulda known why.

    Edit: Btw my pictures did show it on the first row. >.> Each block of 3x3 was one row. Just so I dont seem like THAT big a dumbass. I suffer from dumbassitis, not super dumbassitis.

    It is 4 high. o.o I posted all 4 levels. Base has the B for the furnace. Then 3 levels above it. All levels are 3x3, middle is open but lava filled.

    Those are the obvious problems, but there is a chance that it can corrupt your world to a degree that would mean that the launcher won't show it in the map selection screen. There is a temporary fix that I have found but the problem with the fix is that the map may no longer save. That issue has been the bane of my existence lately when it comes to making maps.

    Well I said f it, removed it. Nothing bad so far. Just some holes. No force mitts(No more silverwood saplings. ;; Or easy way to get rid of leaves) and apparently it was dartcraft that let me climb up 1 block heights with the speed enchant(;-;). I never used any other features though so my world seems fine atm. Well aside from the fact that one of my other mods doesnt have 2 of its ores generating. But its too late for those ores to generate in this world anyway and who knows if that was dart craft's fault anyway. So Im not worried about that.

    Edit: New question. Anyone know why my industrial blast furnace says Incomplete Machine Casing?





    Thats how it looks from bottom up. A is advanced, s is standard and L is lava. But it gives me that error message.

    DartCraft screws around with Iron Bars.

    Nevermind. I see the problem. /sigh.

    Anyone know how many problems I may encounter just removing dartcraft? Dunno why I ever installed it, I dont use it outside of the forcemitts. It seems to cause more problems then anything. Would I just encounter holes where power ores was and lose all dart craft items? Cause I could live with that.

    Question. Cause Im almost certain this is due to gregtech or IC2. Does anyone know how to craft iron bars? 1.6.4. Latest IC2 and GT. I do have a lot of other mods but none I could think of that would disable iron bars besides GT since he disables everything. The normal recipe doesnt work and NEI has no info on how to craft them, only what theyre used for(Which is goddamn everything).

    Not at the moment. However, if you have Mystcraft, you could create a Mining Age for that. Otherwise, you can use MCedit (after backing up your world) to regenerate nearby chunks.

    Hrm. Does GT play well with TC again? Cause this world has TC. I just want my damn multiblock structures back. I can mystcraft a new world if the new world will have ores I need, thats no problem. But Im going mad now that I dunno what to aim for now what Im like mostway done with IC2.

    Is gregtech addable to an existing world? I figure I wont be able to get his new cobblestone but I wont hurt for that too much. But there are no mods that add to IC2 and make me wanna go further then I already am. So Im thinking of adding GT back to my world though I figure even just ID wise he'll fight something since Im using 103 mods. @.@ But I cant live without my industrial <insert here>. I miss multi block structures, etc! Id add GT if I could only add in his new machines but meh, you take what you can get.

    So will I miss anything outside of cobblestone if I add gt to an exisitng world?

    So I made a new world, different mods, no GT. Im loving it. I decided to try some UE mods cause I never used them before.

    Then I hit a problem.


    I miss GT's machines. I want an idsu to transport energy. I want multiblock machines, I want an industrial grinder. My world is made already. Waaaaaah. And if I remake another world Im gonna cut someone.

    Im so bad at this game. I just hoard ore and never build anything. Cause I dont wanna try steam yet cause I dunno if I have enough yet for it. xD

    I must ask. Does anyone have screenshots of just anything eloborate theyve set up? Doesnt need to be step by step or anything, Im not looking to copy. Im just interested in seeing what sort of crazy things could actually be made. I once saw a imgur slideshow of this intricate reactor thing that he boosted with computercraft and it blew my freaking mind.