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    Power Extended - Adding BuildCraft to IndustrialCraft energy conversions using turbines!

    For now this mod has only 2 Items:

    The Iron Turbine and the Crystal Turbine:
    Recipes are as follow(respectively)

    They have a difference in conversion rate and power output(32 or 128 eu/t)

    All these options are configurable in the file \config\PowerExtended\Turbine.conf
    All options are formatted:
    For Example:
    [b] eutBcRate0
    = Conversion rate Iron Turbine
    maxOutputRate1 = Maximum output Crystal turbine
    rateVariancex = the amount total amount of difference that can occur in energy conversion, meaning
    a value of 4 would give together with a conversionRate of 10
    Input(10BC)->Output(from 80-120 Eu)
    all other values are for animation and some other things

    This is the Turbine GUI:

    It has an arrow indicating the amount of power currently being generated.
    In the future you will also be able to charge batteries and crystals with it in the inventory slot.

    You can place one on the ground or on a wall
    You can connect Buildcraft Energy pipes to all sides
    You can connect cables to the Blue-ish side
    You can set the facing with a IC2 Wrench
    When it works you should see it moveing

    This still only has basic functionality the turbine is working there may be some bugs and some features mising.
    To install this mod just drag the file to the mods folder in your Minecraft folder
    You will need Buildcraft Core/Energy for this mod to work
    No SMP yet, I Still need to find out how since I'm kind of new to Minecraft modding

    Also please tell me if I should give more information or anything.