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    Look for "plate" in the dynamicconfig, you will eventually find it.
    Most Greg's configs are intuitive, if you take the time to read it, at least once.

    There is no such config option, even after generating a new one. Using version 4.04l.

    Could you send me the exact line it shows?

    e: okay, after making a new config and searching for shears, the config option now appeared.

    Under recipereplacements B:Iron.Shears_true=false makes the shears vanilla again. Thanks for the help!


    Could it be that NEI wont show the recipes for the Electric Tools? I even disabled the recipe change with steel, but they still will not show up. When deinstalling gregtech, the normal vanilla recipe shows up again.

    e: nvm, should have used the search :/

    Sometimes the Industrial Blast Furnace turns into a machine casing. When rightclicking it, it throws a NPE. After someone rightclicked it, it turns back into the old Industrial Blast Furnace.. Using 3.02a but had this error the version before aswell. Any fixes for that?

    Could it be, that it is incompatible with AdditionalPipes Addon? Im using the ported versions on a bukkit server.

    Whenever i try to start the server with Advanced Machines, i get this error: