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    It's been a while since you haven't given us some informations. How is it going?

    Currently, thatsimplekid is on Holiday for a couple of weeks. He'll be back soon :)

    I re-read the OP, and I noticed you were talking about satellites and missiles. I don't know if I missed some versions, but it seems to like there is no satellite. Have I missed anything?

    I believe these were added in, but since the re-code, they haven't been re-implemented yet. I also think that he was beginning to add a whole lot per release, so it'll take some time to get another alpha release. I'm sure he will talk to you when he gets back :)

    Yeah, but since he has had to recode it, one could easily imagine he would code for the latest version.

    He was thinking about it. He's recoding in 1.7 'friendly' code. Meaning you won't get 'this mod will not survive a 1.7 update' on your console anymore. But the mod will be 1.6.4 until beta.

    Owen? LOL, you know his first name!

    Yeah, we're really good IRL friends :P
    I own PoleGamers, where he hosts RocketScience ;)

    Is it for 1.7.2 or still 1.6.4?
    If it is for 1.7.2, I will not complain, because the mod that I use and still sticks to 1.6.4 will finish its beta soon, and therefore will update.

    Owen is recoding in 1.6.4 (for easier beta testing with other mods).

    I'm sure there will be a 1.7 release when Owen has most of the stuff back in the mod.

    Like Owen previously said, He's sticking with 1.6.4 until beta.


    Firstly, a quick introduction. I'm Anteater46, or Antony, and I am helping thatsimplekid work on the takeover.

    I won't actually start coding anything until the mod is semi-stable, as I have a couple other mods to maintain.

    Anyways, Rocket Science 2 is now ready for Alpha testers. Click Here to go to the thread on to see the details on how to become a tester. Downloads will also be available there on public release.
    I think the intention is to keep the Alpha Testers to help test the mods dev stages, before a public release each time.

    Do you have a repo on github? I would love to help out when I have the chance, I've just been busy with "Real Life" as of late.

    We are keeping the mod closed-source. However, email thatsimplekid on to ask about it. We like the extra hands!

    Whilst I am helping with the mod, thatsimplekid is the main developer. I like to take the load off a little by answering questions or posting updates on threads for him.

    You decided to try to get the mod running? Nice, I honestly never played with this mod before. If no one else was going to do it I had a list of add-ons I planned going to try to update. Possibly start an official mod of my own. I have some great ideas, but never knew enough about coding to implement them, or even resume an add-on.

    Oh and most importantly. Good luck man! :)

    thatsimplekid and myself will be working on the mod. Thatsimplekid mainly.

    Right now he is in the process of re-coding all the items/blocks that were originally in the mod, so it may take a while to get everything back.

    I'm sure he'll be happy to make a release as soon as we get a working stable version.

    Thanks for the good luck! I'm sure we'll need it :P