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    I know the 1.5 stuff is still really beta but I wanted to ask if anyone else can figure out what I am doing wrong to get it running. I have posted the error log below and am not even sure if I have the correct copy of it for 1.5.1 or not to be honest. So I was hoping someone else could look this over and see if you can find where it is tripping up at because I am at a loss at the moment for the cause.
    Thanks. MinecraftChicken

    Here is the full error log

    As an server admin i can tell you
    ignore thouse players baby crying give them some hardcore)

    Hehe last time they did this I cranked up the number of mobs, the rate they spawn and how close they spawn. No one left there homes for a week.

    On a sidenote, can you color the IC2 lights like with the buildcraft ones?

    Correct. Haven't used them for ages but I think once full they used about 0.25 eu/tick. Shouldn't take long to fill them to that point.

    Thanks, I just wanted to make sure before I tell them all to shut up. I just remember they drain a lot at first and then everything levels out. I mostly just use the light blocks from red power personally but they like how when it's on a wall it turns into a tube shape.

    People on my server want me to lower the amount of power that is used up by these things, is there anyway to change how much power they draw/use?

    Now I think they just don't understand but I thought I would ask before I reply to the server, the reason for the massive draw on power is because they have a huge 10k battery correct?

    v0.6 has been posted; it fixes the NullPointerExceptions caused by missiles, the isotopic separator's 64-cell glitch, and a couple of other things. I've also added the wet/dry vac, a crystal batpack, and a lapotron batpack.

    Next coding objective is SMP support.

    What do you need to work faster, coffee, booze, women, Just name it and it shall be yours. MinecraftWolf soon, soon they will rue the day they burnt my home down. I shall rain down fire from the skys like god apon them!

    My group of 9 players on my server all agree we want this, and will take it in any format you offer. Hell use us to test it if you want, what's the worst we can do to the server right? Mostly the idea of travle by rockets and the reactor are both big draws, I just want to firebomb a village. The moon would be awesome but we can live without it, use these rockets to move stuff and build up in the sky. :thumbsup: Be my personal hero :thumbsup:

    Is there a better power source for them besides the batteries? They burn them out so fast then I got to run back and recharge them over and over again? I tried the energy crystal and that didn't take and since the 6 cell batteries are gone now I am at a loss how to keep it going without having to babysit it ?

    We are playing in SMP, and can't seem to build one of these. I need it to power my drill, but when I do 6 charged batteries and tin down the middle it doesn't seem to make one. I was following the directions on the wiki, has it changed?

    I had the same problem when I tried to build the upgrades ore scanner, did 3 glow stone the scanner 2 insulated copper wire and a circuit. Didn't do anything also. I assume I just got the recps wrong? I didn't see a question section so I just put it up here.

    Oh also we got the newest BuildCraft going on the server if that may interfer with it, since it has caused that light bug crash.