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    what recipe are you using?

    you still use the rolling machine iirc, but instead of the iridium ingots you have 'normal' iridum plates (made in the plate bender)....and instead of the diamond dust, i think you now use an industrial diamond. see if that works.

    The RC Recipe for MMingots was removed and replaced with the plate one, and IAI are crafted with 4 Iridium plates, 4 Advanced alloy and 1 INDUSTRIAL diamond, you have the recipe correct? If not, check your config again, you may of disabled it.

    That did the trick, thanks!

    I'm unable to craft iridum alloy ingots and NEI fails to show a recipe. I have Railcraft_1.5.2- installed and it doesn't work in a rolling machine neither. I'm using the default (auto-generated) configuration files for GregTech-3.07d and IC2- except for block and item IDs. It appears GregTech doesn't recognize Railcraft because mixed metal ingots are craftable in a normal crafting table regardless of the B:MMIngotOnlyRollingMachine setting.

    Any ideas?