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    I is still true, however, that nether portals can be troublesome and are not very industrial-friendly, especially if you have a lot of cross-dimensional machinery. It's better now that we can throw through items and mobs, but it's still quite involved to use them for advanced industrial purposes. There are alternatives, but few of them in vanilla or Ic2, and a huge mod like this shouldn't depend on others for such basic functions. It's an interesting subject and should be looked into.

    Well, I went here to check it out, and begun coming up with stuff arond page two or three. But I think this is going a little off topic, so perhaps we should get back on whatever track is still left after the year it seems this thread has been dead.

    Could someone add my suggestion to the poll, if there still is one and it's creator is not long sine gone?

    I think it should be called a "combustion generator", which would function like it has been suggested. Another possibility would be to simply call it an "engine". In that case, it should be a realistic-looking object which you put next to a regular generator, which will then remain on with a higher output than regular, as long as the enigine is present and active. (not sure about whether that would be a multi-block machine or if or why they are unpopular around here, but I thougt I'd suggest it anyway) I also support the idea of it requiring an amount of power to start up properly, it would make it much more realistic.