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    Out of curiosity, what would you use that for?

    I'd like to be able to take a teleport station around the server. Just being able to punch in some coordinates and have items, power, computers, etc. teleport there would be really handy, and worth any power cost.

    I posted a thread about this, but someone mentioned your were making your own teleporters so I figured I'd post this here in case you wanted to do it instead.

    Thread: http://forum.industrial-craft.…&postID=115579#post115579

    Basically, it's more types of teleporters, that have coordinate input, and can teleport themselves and nearby blocks.

    There was amod adding upgraded teleporters, but I'm not sure it's updated anymore. (It added way to teleports blocks too :) )
    Though, the most recent version of GregTech may bring you something you'd like ... it add a teleporter with a small GUI and you can chose coordinates (but it costs even more EU than IC² version).

    Another solution may be to disable/uninstall both Portal Guns and Mystcraft, since they are OP anyway ...

    Hmm, if Gregtech is adding the coordinate teleporter maybe it would be better for them to add the blocks teleporter as well. I'll cross post this thread into the Gregtech suggestions thread.

    I like the teleporters in IC2 a lot, however they don't feel very useful when the server is running the whole FTB gambit (portal gun, etc). So I thought of three teleporter upgrades that could make them even better.

    First is the Teleporter Mk II. Unlike the normal teleporters, you don't link it with the frequency transmitter. Instead, it has a small GUI where you can input a set of coordinates. It then teleports you to those coordinates. This should use a ton of power so it's not overpowered exploring-wise. Hopefully there can be ComputerCraft integration here so that a computer could send the coordinates to the teleporter through a peripheral.

    Next is the Teleporter Mk IIb. This is very similar to the Mk II, however it teleports the teleporter along with you. This is useful if you have a lot of locations you may want to go to. You could use a CC computer with the aforementioned peripheral that has a list of your friend's bases. When you select one, it send those coordinates to the teleporter. The coordinates are set up so that the teleporter will land next to an MFSU so it can be recharged. If the teleporter is sent underground, it will search upwards, then downwards for a place to land, refusing to teleport if it can't find one. If it's sent into the air, it would search downwards first, then upwards.

    Finally, there is the Teleporter Mk III. This teleporter not only teleports you, but a configurable number of blocks near you. This would allow the teleporter to bring the computer system and power source along for the ride. To set up the blocks to take along, you would clear the max area around it (5x5x5 maybe?) to all air blocks, then build the structure, then click a button in the GUI to save those blocks to the teleporter. It would remember the positions relative to itself, save and delete them on teleport start, and replace them upon landing at the destination. It would act similarly to the MKIIb if it couldn't find a spot to land, but it's goal would be to prevent every block it carries from clipping, not just the teleporter. To keep this balanced, energy requirements should increase exponentially per block, and there should be a hard limit of around 20 blocks.

    Hopefully you guys think this is a good idea. I've coded minecraft mods before, so if the community and developers are open to this I could write and contribute it to IC2. I just don't want to deal with handling a mod by myself (I don't have the time to recompile and re-release it each minecraft update), which is why I don't want to release it as a separate addon.