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    I guess I remembered wrong. RailCraft loaders only return buckets, not cells.

    I'm sorry about the spam, but can someone please confirm that there's no way to empty cells into tanks and keep the cells, without Thermal Expansion?

    If not, is it intended that there should not be a way to losslessly empty cells into tanks?

    Is there a way to empty cells into a tank (BC, RailCraft, Quantum Tank, etc.) without the cell being consumed and without Thermal Expansion?

    Edit: after some more research (I really did search before asking, honest!), it turns out that you can use RailCraft to empty the cells into a stationary tank cart and then straight out the bottom via unloader into any kind of tank. So there's that, but is there a less silly way?

    I guess I remembered wrong. RailCraft loaders only return buckets, not cells.

    Is there a way to empty cells into a tank (BC, RailCraft, Quantum Tank, etc.) without the cell being consumed and without Thermal Expansion?

    Edit: after some more research (I really did search before asking, honest!), it turns out that you can use RailCraft to empty the cells into a stationary tank cart and then straight out the bottom via unloader into any kind of tank. So there's that, but is there a less silly way?

    People and their regenerative Energy Sources...

    Like solar panels, you mean? The 9x9 farm I described above with all of the harvesters and automation infrastructure, not to mention automation for fertilizer/hydration/weed-ex as well as breeding/cropnalyzing, produces less energy than if you pulled up the plants and just replaced them with cheap solar panels. Shouldn't the player be rewarded for larger, more complex builds?

    Your problem is you want to use them for energy generation. Just as in real world biofuel is an incredibly bad source for it :)

    Well, splitting hydrogen is pretty bad in the real world but it works great in-game. Biofuel is actually a pretty good energy source in GregTech if you don't farming saplings manually with a chainsaw.

    I would have no problem with crop harvesters being an energy sink if the material cost wasn't so high.

    Again the keyword is mass production. Instead of a single harvester use many.

    This is the solution, in a roundabout way. The cost is an even 1600 EU per plant with 2 overclockers, which give a range of 4. So 18 harvesters per 9x9 farm if you leave a walkway (more importantly, the corresponding break in the glass roof for piping items), 19 diamonds including item clearer plus other materials. If you breed plants that drop at least three items per harvest and make biofuel, it turns a very small profit in EU and could power a second farm, albeit slowly. If you're willing to spend literally dozens of diamonds on these farms, it might even be worthwhile!

    But seriously Greg, this is even worse than all of the other GregTech machines/features that people complain about. I say this as someone who's just spent hours making an automatic GregTech farm rather than just throwing up an MFR farm, because I really like the way you do things. Harvesters are just unreasonable right now, in terms of materials with few overclockers and in terms of energy cost with more overclockers. Please consider making them harvest their entire operating area (1x1, 1x2, 1x4, etc.) with each operation.

    My first guess is that those overclockers are causing the machine to use more energy than it's internal store can hold and thus can't do the operation. Try throwing in some energy store upgrades (or get a non-OC'd harvester).

    That was it, thanks

    It turns out that a harvester with 4 overclockers uses over 10k EU per operation, and over 6k with only 3. That's per individual plant harvested, even if it's the block directly in front of the machine. It doesn't pick up the drops beyond the first block which means an item clearer is needed, although thankfully those use next to no EU even with overclockers. I had trouble getting the harvester to harvest beyond the first block until I figured out that you need at least a line of empty crop sticks leading to a plant for the harvester to grab it. I've also noticed harvested plants (mostly tested with stickreeds) being set back to seemingly random growth stages, and they they often don't drop anything when harvested.

    I don't mean to join the crowd of people who seem to love complaining about this mod, but I don't understand how to make crop harvesters useful with such a high energy cost. Am I really supposed to power an 8x8 farm with a fusion reactor?

    I'm having trouble with the crop harvesters and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. They just don't seem to be doing anything. I have a variety of fully-mature IC2 plants on crop sticks placed in front of the harvesters (the side with the blades), either on the block directly in front or several blocks away. The harvesters all have 4 overclockers and full power storage. There are no covers on them. I have large buffers placed behind the harvesters, with the output of the harvesters against the sides of the buffers. Nothing is happening at all.

    What am I missing?

    RailCraft has a config option that replaces all uses of refined iron in IC2 recipes with steel. I like the idea of having to go to the Nether and make a blast furnace in order to build machines, but unfortunately none of this works well with GregTech recipes. Greg, would you consider adding this option to GregTech's config?

    No thats not a Bug. You are inserting Energy to the OUTPUT Sides of the Translocator...

    I'm confused. Translocators seem to have one input side and one output side, and they only emit energy to the output side, just like a buffer. Why would you specifically disallow energy input on a translocator's input side?

    A light source that uses light blocks, similar to Wrathlamps, would be GREAT.

    Edit: I'd also really like hard-mode recipes for ComputerCraft, using GregTech components. It could be just be one of the cheaper machine hulls plus a circuit board in an Assembling Machine to make the basic computer, and then an expensive hull plus an advanced circuit to make an advanced computer. The rest of the recipes could be left as-is to save some work. ComputerCraft is an unfortunate necessity for filling holes in other mods, so a little GregTech flavor help a lot.

    Are buffers supposed to be able to emit energy to translocators? This doesn't seem to be working with any kind of buffer or any kind of translocator. The buffer has energy, it's set to emit energy, its output face is against the input face of the translocator, and neither machine has any covers. The test setup is simply a buffer of any type pointed at at a translocator of any type and a solar panel on top of the buffer. The buffer's energy storage fills up and the translocator never goes above zero. Is this a bug? I'm using version 3.07g.

    Hi Greg,

    I've spent hours and hours just tinkering with GregTech automation in creative mode over the last couple days. It's been fun, but I had to give up on finding ways to do everything I need with GregTech machines alone. Here are the features I need:

    - Give regulators a mode that uses item ratios in the filter. For example, if I have 1 cobblestone and 2 dirt in the filter, and 10 cobblestone in the target inventory, the regulator would transfer up to 20 dirt.

    - Allow the Active Machine Detector to work on regulators. This would output a signal depending on whether the items in the target inventory satisfy the regulator's filter, with the strength of the signal being the ratio of items in the target inventory to items in the filter. So if the filter is 10 dirt and the target inventory is empty, the regulator is active and progress is 0% (redstone signal of 1). If the inventory has 9 dirt, progress is 90% (redstone of 13.5 - rounded up to 14?). At 10 dirt, the filter is satisfied so the machine is inactive. If the regulator is in item ratio mode the signal would be the ratio of the ratio, so if the filter is 1 cobblestone and 2 dirt and the inventory contains 1 cobblestone, the machine progress is 33%.

    Here are some features that would be nice to have:

    - Restore input/out restrictions for machine sides, and add additional restrictions in the case of blocks with multiple outputs like the Industrial Centrifuge and Distillation Tower. I think it's really unfortunate that machines have been simplified so you can just throw items into whichever side you want, because if we didn't want complexity we wouldn't be using GregTech! We already have Advanced Buffers, Advanced Translocators, Advanced Regulators, and Inventory Managers to solve this problem, and those machines are made much less useful by this simplication.

    - Add an Electric Regulator, which would be cheaper but would only support one stack. I'm guessing the Advanced Regulator was named in relation to the RP2 regulator, but GregTech should not name its machines according to defunct mods.

    - Give the item/liquid/energy detector covers boolean modes for empty and full.

    - Allow the Redstone Item Detector to work with small buffers. Currently it will always output zero, which may be a bug. For example, it should output a signal of 50% for 32 dirt or 8 eggs.

    - Add an Energy Conductor cover which would make any machine transfer energy similar to the way buffers, regulators, etc. do. If placed on multiple sides or on machines that already transfer energy, the input EU packets are split evenly between output sides.

    - Allow EU storage and transformer upgrades to work on all machines that transfer energy, including machines with Energy Conductor covers. For example, a small buffer could potentially hold 101k EU and accept/transfer 8192k EU/t. Edit: I just realized that you can already do this! Awesome.

    - Allow Quantum Tanks to retain empty cells when inputting liquid, and to output those cells on the sides of the machine. Currently Quantum Tanks are completely useless for input because they consume cells; Liquid Transposers must be used, and if you don't have TE you're out of luck. No machine in GregTech, IC2, or any other Minecraft mod should ever consume liquid containers for any reason unless it's to melt them down or recycle them.

    - Add Digital Tanks, for mid-tier liquid storage.

    - Allow Quantum Tanks, Distillation Towers, and other blocks with one interesting face to be rotated for cosmetic effect. In the case of controllers for multiblock machines like Distillation Towers and Industrial Blast Furnaces, the functional back face would not rotate.

    - Add native connected texture support for buffers, so that contiguous buffers would appear to be one long machine with arrows but no borders between segments.

    Thanks for reading.

    Finally, I've been having a problem with the Inventory Manager and Distillation Towers. I can't get the manager to transfer both Oil Cells and Empty Cells into the tower. If I remember correctly, Empty Cells are not transferred if there are Oil Cells in the tower inventory even if the manager's rules are set up to properly transfer to the top and bottom sides of the tower block. It's hard to be sure whether this a bug or I'm just doing something wrong.

    Edit: moved the rest to the suggestion thread.

    Is there a good way to balance specific numbers of items for recipes, using the GregTech automation machines? For example, I have a production chain that spits out compressed air as a byproduct and I'd like to reserve 3 compressed air for every 2 sodium sulfide I have stored in order to make sodium persulfate, while emptying any excess compressed air. How can I balance items in specific ratios? I can just do it with a turtle, but I'd rather not.