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    Kinda douche thing you did with the mod Greg. I used to like your mod but it's kinda dumb that you include crash code just becuase you get mad at another modder. It's bad that a modder what could be consired a malcious product within the code for the mod. Peronsally I think it was very childish that you did this along with everyone else on the FTB forum topic that was recently created for the talk about gregtech. I'm just saying now that from this little stupid stunt you pulled next to no one will play your mod now. To me you have ruined your rep as a modder and are about at the level flowerchild is to me. I could understand being mad but you don't do something stupid and malicious like this. Sure you may dislike the modder but you ruin the game for everyone that plays FTB and packs with both mods in it. This affected more people then you think and broke a lot of worlds. Thanks to you, you have ruined a lot of 1.5 worlds that relied on gregtech.