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    Thanks Quintine.
    That one should probably be linked on the Open Beta 1.115 thread.

    Sorry SpwnX, the one you linked wasn't up to date enough for the mods I have. x_x


    I dunno who is in charge of the mod, but it might be a good idea for whoever has control over:

    To start mirroring the releases on a server elsewhere. Like the way it was in the past, I saw, using dropbox. Or mediafire. For when this happens, which it seems like this isn't the first time, from what I've read.

    So the latest version..according to this forum, is v1.111.
    But when I use that, my mod is telling me it needs v1.112.
    And then I see that it's on v1.115 already.

    So I try to download that.
    But the link here is broken. I've been reloading the page for hours now, and I can't download the OB of v1.115.

    Is there any type of problem with whatever server that is?
    Can't someone upload this to a decent place like Mediafire?