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    That should be the important part:

    I am still getting the same crash I posted earlier, maybe you missed it? As "Blood Asp" pointed out, the issue seems to be a conflicting recipe with netherores. Full logs are in my previous post or the quote above.

    My Unification.cfg is just an empty file... Does anyone know what is up with that? I have definitely run my client already, so it shouldn't have generated?

    btw if you set InventoryUnification in the GregTech.cfg to true after setting the above, all the gt pyrotheum dust in your inventory should get transformed into thermal expansions pyrotheum dust. just give it a few seconds.

    I found that setting & it is true by default (already noticed that in game)

    Happy to see you gys are ¿friends? again! :P

    Is there any temporary solution for my problem? (the fact that I can't craft some TE items). Can I maybe use minetweaker (never used before) or maybe even write a small mod to reregister all crafting using pyrotheum dust to use the oredictionary (I knowa little bit about how to mod)?

    Any gt inventory changes it to the gregtech version, so if you just run it through a gt inventory then import it again, it will change. Your inventory does it as well, but import and export bus on some gt inventory is more automatable.
    On phone, so excuse spelling and other errors please.

    Is there any GT inventory that is no too expensive and can hold a bunch of items?

    This exactly. TE and other Recipe System adding Mods always had Problems with OreDicting their Recipes.

    I'll guess I'll go bug the TE guys then, thanks.

    When I craft some pyrotheum dust from Thermal Expansion, I get the Gregtech version of it. The problem with that is that I can't use the GT pyrotheum dust in TE recipes, probably because it's not oredictionaried... I asked in #ThermalExpansion on espernet and they said it is definitely oredictionaried on their side, so I assume you forgot to add your Pyrotheum dust to the oredictionary?

    Also, why are you automatically converting all ingots & resources to their GT version? I don't have any problem with that, just interested.

    And one last question, could you maybe add a automatable way to convert items to their GT counterpart? I would like this so I can convert all my items in my AE storage system to GT versions.

    Thanks in advance,