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    Hello Stryker. I gotta say I love what you did with your version of advanced machines, but I encountered an issue with one of the machines while establishing a network with Applied Energistics mod. The problem involves the rotary macerator.

    I don't know if you're aware of what Applied Energistics does, but I'll keep the explanation simple. When you place its interface block on top of, say, one of your machines, that machine is now part of the network and will contribute towards virtually automated crafting. In the interface, you can place encoded patterns inside which allows the interface to program whatever its attached to. For this scenario, if you put a pattern thats essentially designed to turn cobblestone into sand into the interface attached to macerator, you can request cobblestone to be macerated into sand whenever needed so long as cobblestone is in the network via storage.

    Long story short: Your rotary macerator has a hard time working with AE's interface block, as in not at all. The interface works with the furnace and compressor, but the other machine is a no-go. The only alternative solution I can do is use basic macerator, but I have to apply a number of overclockers and energy storage upgrades to be comparably close to rotary macerator, which eats more EU as a result.

    Just wanted to pass that along.

    Wanted to confirm, but rotary macerator and singularity compressor both don't work with AE's interface blocks.

    EDIT 2:
    A better fix is connecting a buildcraft hopper to macerator/compressor then attach interface to chute. Still a little inconvenient. :P