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    Honestly, I think the people on this thread are behaving every bit as childishly as the "trolls at the ftb forums". You are making generalizations about ftb players just from reading the hate thread. That's the best way to start a war. Yes, there are a lot of people that don't really like gregTech. But they have every right to be. He did cause their minecraft to crash after all. You can't deny that. Does it really matter who "fired the first shot"? It's over now, and all the hardcore gregtech fans really need to get over it already. So what if Mdiyo still has that particular feature in it? It's configurable. To paraphrase the mantra of gregtech fans world wide: "It's configureable! Get off your ass and change it yourself!". I don't see why it's such a big deal as Mdiyo has every right to make changes to the game as anyone else. Yes greg "only makes three changes", but he still makes changes and retaliating against Mdiyo for making similar changes is just plain hypocrasy!