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    I was thoroughly disappointed with Biomes o Plenty when, after meticulously moving all my Gregtech mid-level hardware to a remote tropical island for its nearby volcanoes, that they were only single source blocks on the peaks! What a rip.

    Are there any volcano mods that do what I need? Namely, place a surface-accessible central lava chamber? OR a mod that allows you to drain below Bedrock (which is presumably supposed to be the mantle)?

    Also, it would be so good if we could do some fuel out of plants (bio fuel is not working, or I do not see how I can put it in fuel cans).

    If you want to do that, there's no better way to fly than Forestry. Cultivating plants specifically for ethanol production is a significant aspect, and well-automated by Multifarms. Buildcraft can also do so, although I'm not sure if without Forestry.

    Given Minecraft and specifically modded Minecraft's propensity to lag, mode switching on the Jetpack and Mining Laser can be a massive pain. I'm constantly finding myself pressing the key and switching to a mode other than I want, either because the key registers twice (thus keeping on the same jetpack mode or skipping two ahead in a Mining Laser), doesn't register until much later after I've already pressed the key again in frustration, etc etc.

    Could we have an optional "Hover Mode" button for the Jetpack, i.e. a non-toggling button?
    And for the Mining Laser, a "Previous Mode" button added to the current "Next Mode" button would be superb. A configurable "default mode" key would be even better, like configurable as a "Low-Focus Mode" or "Explosive Mode" key.

    It'd also be nice if the Mining Laser had a non-block-destroying mode intended for fighting mobs without destroying the environment; you could use Low Focus. After all, low focus means wider beam, which would be more effective than a tighter focus against flesh; it's not a disintegrator, after all, and like the difference between a full metal jacketed bullet and a hollowpoint the narrower beams would do LESS damage against flesh.

    Found something interesting in Wikipedia while reading about Magnalium:

    We could allow making special Magnox versions of Uranium (and presumably Thorium and Plutonium) Cells -- I guess "Uranium MgX-Cell". They'd produce less heat but more EU/Steam, making them more effective for power generation but less efficient in breeders.

    Magnesium's melting point is almost as high as Aluminum (1202 F and 1220 F respectively), so making Ingots would probably be accomplished through the Ind Blast Furnace. Then, bend the Ingots into Plates, four Magnesium Plates + Refined Uranium in Auto-Canning Machine = Uranium MgX-Cell!