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    BakermanLP: I've updated the trigger feature to allow capturing logins, see version 1.50 and "/sampler trigger login". It'll capture every login, but the first number in the filename has the spike length in ms, so you should eventually see a problematic one. I'd like to have a look at the nps file if you manage to obtain a sample for a long pause.

    I've tried the new sampler version. Here are my results:
    - Server timing after client has started: 673 ms ( File: )
    - Server timing at next login: 23ms ( File: )

    Client (via log messages);
    - Client timing after client has started: 08:33:10 to 08:33:56 = 46 sec
    - Client timing at next login: 08:40:03 to 08:40:22 = 19 sec

    My results so far:
    - Server timing doesn't seem to be a problem
    - Client timing seems to be a problem, but this isn't mesureable in any way, or?

    Additional information:
    - Modpack:
    - Forge 1492

    Logfiles (Client):
    - First login after clean restart of client:
    - Client Log next login (no client restart):

    Hello there,

    I've got a more technical question. We are building a new modpack at the momen. When we connect to our server, we get somtimes a timeout. Is there any way to monitor / measure, what happens during the login procedure?

    Thanks for some hints

    Michael (aka BakermanLP)

    OK, here are some more information and what I tried.

    Pams Harvestcraft ( 1.7.10h ) + gregtech_1.7.10-6.00.26.jar works fine.

    Pams Harvestcraft ( 1.7.10h ) + gregtech_1.7.10-6.00.29.jar doesn't work, everything else (other mods) are all the same versions.

    Also I found a little change in the gregtech jar file.
    unzip -l gregtech_1.7.10-6.00.26.jar | grep -i thaumcraft
    12761 01-01-1980 00:00 gregapi/GT_ThaumcraftCompat.class
    2965 01-01-1980 00:00 gregapi/old/interfaces/internal/IThaumcraftCompat.class
    unzip -l gregtech_1.7.10-6.00.29.jar | grep -i thaumcraft
    0 01-01-1980 00:00 gregapi/compat/thaumcraft/
    12776 01-01-1980 00:00 gregapi/compat/thaumcraft/CompatTC.class
    2973 01-01-1980 00:00 gregapi/compat/thaumcraft/ICompatTC.class

    I don't know, what is making Pam's Harvestcraft thinking, that thaumcraft is loaded. Also I haven't reported this bug to her.

    A small edit: Harvestcraft sources can be found here:


    I have got a cross mod compatibility issue of some kind.

    - gregtech_1.7.10-6.00.29.jar
    - Pam's Harvestcraft 1.7.10g and h
    - NO Thaumcraft

    With the new version of gregtech (some version between >26 and <=29 changed that) Pam's Harvestcraft thinks, that Thaumcraft is installed. But that's not installed in my modpack. Downgrading gregtech to version 6.00.26 and everything is ok.

    Can you please fix that? I know, that she includes the API files of thaumcraft.


    Michael (aka BakermanLP)

    Hi there,

    I have got a problem on our ProjectPhoenix Server. There are chunks loaded and won't unload. There are no chunkloaders inside these chunks.

    1. /sampler chunkinfo -809 -468
    2. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: Chunk at -809 / -468 (-809 / -468), dim 0:
    3. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: loaded: true, populated: false, lit: false
    4. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: relit: true, ticked: false, ready: false
    5. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: EBS alloc: 4 / 16, 0 with msb array (xxxx............)
    6. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: Tile entities: 0
    7. [13:05:05] [Server thread/INFO]: Entities: 0

    This is the chunkinfo and here is the question. What does relit means?


    there is a little cross mod compatibility issue with these three mods:
    - gregtech_1.7.10-6.00.11.jar
    - industrialcraft-2-2.2.687-experimental.jar
    - NetherOres-[1.7.10]2.3.0RC4-10.jar

    NetherOres tries to add macerator recipes for his ores, but these are already occupied by GT recipes. I think, this should be the relevant part of the error message:

    As a workaround you can easily disable the following line in "config/powercrystals/netherores/common.cfg":

    Just testing the new releases and got an error:

    The versions I used:
    - GalacticGreg-1.1.jar
    - gregtech_1.7.10-6.00.02.jar

    All configs under config/GregTech were deleted befor starting the modpack.

    Got an error with fastcraft 1.16 on my server. Player logs on and then:


    I tried to use fastcraft and sampler in my server environment, but I am getting a server crash.

    Most recent information about the modpack "ProjectRETv7" can be found here:

    I am using oracle-jdk-bin-1.8.0_25 and here is the crashlog:
    (Was to long for this forum :D

    Hello Greg,

    I've got a crash when I use the newest version. Here is first the crash report:

    Used mod versions:

    Downgrading from gregtech_1.7.10-5.06.05.jar to gregtech_1.7.10-5.06.04.jar seems to fix the problem. The error happens at startup.

    Thanks for your support.

    Michael (aka BakermanLP)

    Got a error message on startup, but I don't know which side causes the problem / error. Two mods are mentioned in that error, ExtraUtilities an GregTechMod. The client doesn't stop at this point, it seems a more cosmetic issue, but I don't know if this causes any other problems.

    Used versions:
    - Forge 1217
    - gregtechmod 5.05.10
    - extrautilities 1.1.0k

    Also I have a bunch of "thingys" to report, and as stated in the log and as a gregtech adept here they are:

    Liquids aren't compatible in Gregtech.

    molten.iron and iron.molten aren't the same.

    Here is a list of liquids, that should be compatible in my opinion.
    <aluminumbrass.molten> -- Molten Aluminum Brass
    <alumite.molten> -- Molten Alumite
    <ardite.molten> -- Molten Ardite
    <bronze.molten> -- Molten Bronze
    <cobalt.molten> -- Molten Cobalt
    <copper.molten> -- Molten Copper
    <electrum.molten> -- Molten Electrum
    <glass.molten> -- Molten Glass
    <gold.molten> -- Molten Gold
    <invar.molten> -- Molten Invar
    <iron.molten> -- Molten Iron
    <lead.molten> -- Molten Lead
    <limestone.molten> -- Molten Limestone
    <manyullyn.molten> -- Molten Manyullyn
    <nickel.molten> -- Molten Nickel
    <obsidian.molten> -- Molten Obsidian
    <osmium.molten> -- fluid.osmium.molten
    <pigiron.molten> -- Pig Iron
    <platinum.molten> -- fluid.platinum.molten
    <silver.molten> -- Molten Silver
    <steel.molten> -- Molten Steel
    <tin.molten> -- Molten Tin

    These are liquids, that shouldn't be compatible, because the break would break mods and there difficulties:
    <aluminum.molten> -- Molten Aluminum

    And these liquids aren't compatible, but I don't matter about them. I only wanted to make the list complete.
    <fairy.molten> -- fluid.fairy.molten
    <pokefennium.molten> -- fluid.pokefennium.molten
    <refined.glowstone.molten> -- fluid.refined.glowstone.molten

    Tested with Gregtech 5.05.07

    Also I don't know, on which side this should be changed. Is there a convention in forge about liquids and how they should be named?

    Try using version 556 of IC2. IC2 changed something about how it handled fluids and that's why.

    OK, this version worked for me.

    I have a few Thingy Names to report (First number is count of lines in the logfile):

    Seems there is a smallish problem with enderChest (2471 times reported in my logfile).


    It seems that GT for 1.7.10 requires Thaumcraft again, and can't be launched without it.

    Let me guess, you've also installed Railcraft_1.7.10- ?

    CovertJaguar has included the Thaumcraft API. Therefor GregtechMod thinks, that there is Thaumcraft installed. Try removing Railcraft and have a look.

    But I also get the error about GT_ItemAndFluidLoader:

    Gregtech.log :

    Versions used: