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    Greg, i have PFAA:Geologica installed and got a small problem:
    Stone hammer recipe requires ardite/granite to craft, but then you smelt granite cobblestone it gives you granite stone which you can't use for hammer.
    Is this intended or i'm missing something?
    btw what mod people usу for better ore gen nowadays?

    Assuming she actually holds an official copyright, a copyright is binding, and a two year old mod isn't even close to expiring.

    Do you really think she registered RP somewhere? I don't think she copyrights laws can be applied here at all. And if you look at apple-samsung war you will know that even with patents it's not that easy to win a case and we are talking about code and some graphics. If there is no code copied from RP she has 0 ground to do something.

    If i was a red power clone mod modder i will just say fuck you to eloraam and ignore her coz she has no legal ground anyway. 2 years of playing lol gives her no moral ground to ask for red power clones to disappear.


    "GT is all about mass industrialization and progressing to higher and higher technologies. TiC is all about doing things with the low-level technology of stone, molds, and molten metals, and maybe a little magic thrown on the side. "

    TFC fits pretty good w GT, so it's not about that. TiC makes everything easier, GT makes everything harder and that's main issue.

    I feel all countries woul;d benefit from a "Means test" some form of test the gauges your ability to do basic things, think constructively etc... Also pass some form of socio-path screening test.

    Sadly this won't happen, coz it will not be easy to force stupid ppl to vote for something that would limit themselves :) And there are religions too.

    "you can buy is decorative/resource or some extensions to survival (limited creative for example). "

    That is part of the game that Mojang sells people or at minimum heavily based on it (e.g mods written using MC code. Bukkit is perhaps somewhat of a gray area, Forge based stuff clearly isn't).
    Selling that kind of stuff is absolutely against the EULA and should not be allowed.

    Mojang has never said one can't ask money for running the server, hiring admins and event creators or even hiring people to write mods for you. For all that stuff you can do it just fine. What you can't do is sell in-game items or features.

    If something is being sold it doesn't mean it can't be obtained normally.

    Sadly both pay-to-play and pure donations work really bad.
    It's same as saying that any twitter client that has premium version that unlock more feature is ripoff, coz it sell twitter servers features.

    Servers who ask money for playing or sell in-game stuff are like people who repackage the library but with less features, if you want to have access to the full original content you'd need to pay. Alternatively they add a couple of convenience functions and try to sell the whole package, including the original library, as their own product.

    From the other side it looks like that: you get server power for free (cheapest MC oster will be around 5$/month but whatever) but you get limited functionality that is logical, coz it's free. But you can pay to get full functionality. They don't sell you minecraft, they sell you hosting for server and work of admins/ event creators/plugin writers + support (griefing protection etc). And in half of cases your basic minecraft experience is untouched and all you can buy is decorative/resource or some extensions to survival (limited creative for example). So HOW are the selling parts of minecraft?

    And other people want to scam people out of their money by "selling" them stuff they should have access by default. Why should we tolerate those scammers?

    I can't see anything bad about that. I'd rather have servers running because people WANT to play MC, not because they want to make money out of it.

    So Play Mindcrack server that lives on reward-based donations is bad?
    The big chunk of minecraft players can't think for themselves (well big chunk of ppl can't so it's nothing new) so pay-to-win servers are like free MMORPG there you can play for free and wout many problems (normal pay-to-win server won't limit you in basic minecraft stuff) and ppl who has money to spend will play with benefits that's all. There are a lot of scammers, but there are also servers that are getting money to pay for hardware with these donations.

    And if Pay-to-Play is still allowed then why the fuck are people complaining about that?

    It's a bit complicated, but in the end the problem is: the ppl want all and for free.
    Pay-to-play model don't work at all. People won't pay for playing on servers unless it's a group of friends.
    Donation only model will only work if there is a group of friend that would keep server alive.
    Pay-to-win model works, coz 1% pays to own 99% and these 99% play for free.
    All others whine "we want good server wout pay-to-win with _insert mods/plugins etc here_" but then ppl tell them to start new server and pay for it themselves they back out, coz they also want it for free.
    If we close pay-to-win servers, ppl won't start making free servers so we would just lose half of servers.