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    The real change is that now they will enforce EULA, but knowing that big movie studios can't do a thing about piracy i think Mojang will get 0 results too w their "really mean lawyers".
    btw their EULA makes advertizing on youtube videos also illegal.

    Well i guess fame is bad for some ppls brains.

    [3/06/2014 10:05:47 PM] Jake / Dithrlos™ /ZionicGaming™: minecraft relies on it's servers, and on youtubers.
    [3/06/2014 10:05:50 PM] Erik Broes: it doesn't
    [3/06/2014 10:06:00 PM] Erik Broes: Minecraft still sells 10k+ copies a day

    More details on servers:
    [3/06/2014 3:23:32 PM] Erik Broes: doesn't matter at all, based on plugins or not, you cannot make money with Minecraft without our permission :)
    [3/06/2014 3:24:56 PM] Erik Broes: donations are no problem, but only in that purest sense, you get NOTHING back for a donation
    [12:04:00 AM] Erik Broes: We'll ask nicely and then send really mean lawyers :)

    however base donations aren't commercial use.

    Sadly as we know from mobile market donations is something that is not popular, but IAP is. Mojang is trying to promote REALMS by closing some big named servers probably.

    No adfly? Thats BS.

    Well Adfly is borderline legal theoretically, because you don't really sell your mod, but you make profit out of it so it's still probably against EULA.

    I don't actually see a difference between EULA's. Same one as last time, when we had the "All mods must be open source" thing from marc.

    They clarified it to be something like that: You can't sell benefits on your server and you can't sell mods (that includes adfly). They don't want ppl to make money off minecraft.

    Well who does really care about eula anyway? It's will be like with pirated content if they add something that ppl won't like minecraft will be rewritten to remove that ppl don't like that's all. Who need official minecraft forums anyway? And mojang can't do a thing elsewhere. You will just need to play cracked version to use servers and mods, nothing more. Also ppl will migrate from off forum somewhere. Legally mojang will be unable to do anything more than block servers from their login/session server.

    The reason I wouldn't call BTW grindy is because for metals you can turn to automated mob farms that give you infinite iron/gold for free.

    Yes i know, but it contradicts GT ideology, coz unlimited iron gold for free is too OP.

    As for trees, I always felt weird about a single log being able to cook so many cubic blocks of stone. It feels more natural to have 1 stone/ore per log, and once you get a kiln/cauldron/crucible you can cook stuff for free anyway.

    I think BTW has pretty good wood progression tree. In TFC you will also need 8 logs for a kiln so they are pretty similar in this regard.

    With TFC you will always have to keep mining ore for as long as you want to make things, and you have to go through a long process that you can't automate. Sure it is engaging and in depth, but after doing it fifty bazillion times for making each progressively better set of tools and armor (along with replacements) it starts to feel grindy in my opinion.

    As was pointed earlier TFC right now isn't "progression" mod it's more like enhance to vanilla minecraft there you don't have a goal or progression tree to play. TFC is closer to vanilla that modded minecraft so making all thing automatically and for free is not it's goal.
    But if we look at food (crops, animals) here TFC is doing very good job at making it realistic and forces you to think so you won't starve during first winter. With nutrient and seasons it can't be automated, but you won't need to vizit it too often anyway.
    Ore spawn if also better coz finding one vein will let you use it for a long time.

    p.s. And there is no need to collect wolf poop, that is most stupid thing is BTW imho :)

    The way you put BTW is not the way you should.
    In my opinion at-least: Btw tops any survival based mods that are for forge. The simple changes aren't simple as you actually have to work.
    TFC on the other hand is just boring grind. Gotta wait for my campfire! Gotta slowly get ores!

    Could you explain me how get mixture of metals in pit kiln, mold it and combine is grind then mining 9xmore ore is not? BTW has good machines and ideas, but it's over nerfing some parts wout any reason.
    Early game TFC >> BTW in many aspects, but sadly TFC adds not enough content to have decent progression tree, so it can only be used to enhance vanilla. It need more middle and endgame stuff to be better.

    Greg, with these energy loses you are going all BTW now.
    Up until now you was going TFC way: increasing infrastructure needed, adding more steps to something, but with this you just going BTW way: oh you want iron? go mine 9 instead of one and then chop crapton of trees to smelt it and get 1 iron and no you can get more out of it, because early even if you transform it upward once you still will loose too much on 2xtransformators and cables to be able to use it.

    Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on who you ask), Curse is developing a replacement for the FTB launcher, which might actually support practical third-party packs without FTB's current issues.

    Curse launcher will only work with mods that would be hosted on Curse, so i think we should wait for alternative that is in works now.

    Could you repeat the part with the coke ovens? I am not quite getting it, my english is not that good.

    Normally people disable charcoal smelting but let you smelt it in Coke ovens. It takes a lot of time to make 1 charcoal in oven, so it's still usable, but you can't process 750/hour from forestry multifarm unless you have crapton of ovens.

    Ahh nice, your Worldgen is far better than my random Ore Clusters (which include some PFAA Ores too). I would ofcourse recommend disabling all GT Ore Generation using the Config when having PFAA installed.

    Greg, maybe you will ad a check for PFAA that would disable your wordgen if PFAA is found? Just once on first run ofc.

    Since you are that famous guy with that famous server, could you explain me, in what way is charcoal OP/disbalancing? I never understood that.

    You don't spend coal early (and use it on steel etc)
    Making simple wood farm doesn't require much and that's free energy. Coke oven makes charcoal production very slow, ineffective in big amounts.