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    Is there an actual config to revert all GregTech difficulty changes?

    Because getting 2 planks for a log is just the tipping point, you have nerfed early game progression as well, its a game, not a full time job.

    Right now the "tooeasy" config gives you 111 bronze and buckets when using tin buckets or crafting bronze with ingots. If your going to be nice enough to offer your mod without all the "balancing" features, can you at least make it real, not a joke?

    Well you could at least read his posts before asking, he said there is a config for it.
    Don't like it - don't play, it's not like some1 force you to play wgt :)

    Really? It does evactly that?

    From wiki:


    The Tesla Staff is an experimental PvP-only weapon in the GregTech mod. The Tesla Staff holds 10,000,000EU and can only be charged in one of GregTech's energy storage devices. On players, the Tesla Staff will destroy any type of electric (rechargable) armor the other player is wearing, which will consume nearly all the 10 million EU it holds. Just like on mobs, it does not deal any extra damage however.

    Would it be possible to make a "EMP" type "weapon" that "turns off" electrical based armor and returns the affected player to 0 protection and no boosts. In PVP scenarios, armors like the quantum suit and modular powersuit make you invulnerable and quite OP. If you were to be attacked or attack a player wearing such armors, you would have no chance. The weapon would make modded pvp players steer away from quantum suits and power suits. Or perhaps a weapon that siphons the energy out of the suit? Your thoughts?

    It's Tesla staff, but i never tested if it work or not.

    I doubt Moss or Repair will work in a Turtle. I really doubt Moss will work due to the Light Requirement, not to mention Repair due to the Node requirement. unless the Turtle is a simulated Player, in which case it would work.

    Well 3x durability tinker's max reinforced pick's w silk touch can last for a long time and you can probably make autorepair w enderchest and tool swapping. Adding pattern mining and skipping stone will result it a very long tool use time
    And melee turtles kills counts as player kills so they can made turtle simulate player.

    I remember Cloudy saying that the durability of the tools would be tripled when used by a Turtle. There will also be a tool switching command.

    Pickaxe of the core w silk touch and repair II or tinker's pick w silk and moss. Enchanted tools for turtles would make any other mining methods obsolete.

    Why people can't understand that Core of a Vein SHOULD be easy spotable. Yes current textures are bad, but making new ones that are not so bright and have better patterns is not so hard. Hу just ask it to have no stone it it. (like then you find big ore cluster irl you have just big amount of ore and not small pieces in stone like it is in normal textures) If you find vein you should be able to easy see it, coz there are big amount of ore visible, and then it's just 1 block hiding in stone it should be hard to find(1st case: amount or ore>>stone, second stone >> ore). It's completely logical.
    And to all "too hard" whiners: Even with last updates in a modpack w mystcraft & soul shards and twilight forest you can easy get fusion reactor in a week wout any problems.

    GregoriusT, is it posible to add more control options for Fusion Control Computer: turning on/off individual input/output blocks and saving ~3-4 templates, so it can easy be used for 2 recipes. For example get 8x each inp/Output block and connect 4 to energy production system and 4 to iridium production system and let player switch between then in FCC wout complicated redstone wiring?