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    Funny talking guy has a point, armor should be made out of plates, or require a metal working hammer in the recipe, ooh that would make so many people angry :D
    Requiring a hammer for iron armor xD Ooh why not add a sewing kit required for making leather armor too! That'll really tick off the kids.

    Whenever I get around 500 or so centrifuges and electrolyzers, and maybe 3 or 4 fusion reactors in multiplayer, I get a huge fps drop from the centrifuges and electrolyzer's animations. Is there a config for turning off these animations to stop the death by client lag? I'm just using gtech as it's intended, huge factories all in lieu of manual labor.
    Using 152wgt, 0.6. SMP.

    The current Teleporter should be removed when Stargates get implemented so Stargates could have a Controller.

    Not so sure Greg is your guy for modding in a star gate, ridicule would follow if it didn't look as amazing as we all seem to think they should, and Greg isn't known for his aesthetic prowess, I think that idea should be left on the bottom of page 229.

    Remember, I don't give a fuck about people liking or hating my Mod. :P

    Let's not get confused, I love gregtech, I dislike the person that makes it. How many weeks of learning java did it take you before your ego grew this big? You are dodging my question like a rabid squirrel, if you're not trying to spite mDiyo, why would you want to nerf mining by 50%. Some of us like to play this game hard mode, without using BC's stupidly cheap and op quarry, but what you're saying is you want us to do that, you're supposed to be a hard mode mod, not a Mr. sally go some where else mod.

    Uhhm no? That has nothing to do with him. Also its happening in 50% of all cases, meaning that you see 4 Blocks and not 2 Blocks every second.

    So then, why are you nerfing manual mining? This just doesn't make any sense, there's no reason what so ever to want to nerf manual mining other than to force people to play the game the way you see it be fit. You're just one mod of 90, remember.

    Some probably bad, quick math.
    Let's say I'm branch mining, in the 1x2 pattern, normally I would see 4 blocks to my sides, 2 vertically, and I would break 2 obviously, so manual mining, let's say that equals 8 blocks per second.
    Now, let's apply the gregtech change to ores, instead of 8 blocks per second, it's now 2 blocks per second. That's an unheard of brutal nerf of 4x slower than before while automated mining is still just as fast.
    Why did you do this? Is this all just to spite mDiyo's modding attempts to make manual mining more possible?
    I love gregtech, and I don't know what I would do without the fusion reactor, but why are you letting bickering into your modding skills.
    Undo the nerf please, we don't care about squabbles or egos we just want to play minecraft.

    Or please shed some light on the situation if you have another agenda for nerfing manual mining other than to spite mDiyo.

    This seemed to come about when my players started building Fusion Reactors. Right now there are 5 in the world and with each needing 144 Centrifuges and I think 32 Electrolyzers to keep it running on the H2 + H3 formula. Perhaps in the future a multiblock structure designed solely for the Fusion Reactor upkeep to remove a lot of the entities from the world? And yes, I have already posted to Railcraft. His stuff showed up only after the last update.

    I overclock mine twice, it's a fair trade for my fps.