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    While we're on the topic, is it intended that the filling rate is not very continuous ? I've put an Air Vent on a Stainless Steel drum and had "chunks" of about 4000L every 5 or 6 seconds instead of a more continuous flow like with a drain in a river. Maybe I should try with an Air Vent on a pipe instead ?

    Well, I did not think a lot about that but yeah I was thinking of throwing 12 Carbon Dust, and then dropping 48 Limonite at once, but maybe I did not think this through. I will try some stuff in Creative and let both of you know.

    Just tested it and it did work: I got 12 Iron Ingots in one batch from 48 Limonite and 6 Carbon. Thermometer kept going back and forth the 1811°K mark and then stabilized as full Iron, which I could then safely cast in my mold.

    It tried to go a little higher (8 Carbon and 64 Limonite) and ended up with 14 Steel because I made it go too high xD.

    But yeah it's weird but it works. Don't know if it's intended though :3

    Does anybody have processes that keep distilled water supplies under control?

    Only thing that I could think of would be an overflow function for tank (like the one that's under conception for item barrels/mass storage) that could allow you to pipe excess distilled water into your regular water tank to turn distilled water into regular water.
    It could be fun to have overflowing water be turned into source blocks to be piped out in the world...

    But as something you can do right now I don't know...did you stop gathering distilled water of engines ? 80% is quite a lot, after all, but I assume you did that already.

    I'm pretty sure that won't work. If there's 15 units of Limonite in the crucible, no carbon can be in the crucible, so no Limonite can be smelted. If you try it and it does work, let me know...

    I throw carbon in first, then a corresponding amount of ore. That works nicely. Of course, it shouldn't work either if you started off with so much carbon that no ore could fit in.

    That won't work, because if you trow in stack of limonite 16 pieces of it will go inside crucible and rest will stay in buffer thus you can't trow any carbon inside because buffer is already full and crucible have no room and no room will be created afterwards. But you can trow in first 8 carbon and than trow in stack of limonite dust, because carbon will go directly to crucible from buffer and than 8 pieces from stack of limonite dust will get into crucible and 56 limonite dust will stay inside buffer. So as result you can heat it up to 1811°K and get 2 iron 7 carbon and 7 limonite temperature will drop than and after you heat it up to 1811 again another one and something iron will get smelted inside crucible so theoretically you can get true whole stack of limonite. But i prefer to pull iron in between heating.

    Well, I did not think a lot about that but yeah I was thinking of throwing 12 Carbon Dust, and then dropping 48 Limonite at once, but maybe I did not think this through. I will try some stuff in Creative and let both of you know.

    Nope. Dunno where you got that. Extra stuff thrown into a non-full crucible that doesn't fit enters a queue which is neither in outside space nor absorbed into the crucible (which hasn't got room for it).

    I think that if the crucible is full before you throw stuff into it, it doesn't accept stuff at all. But you can throw in a bigger load of stuff than fits in at once and it will flow in as space allows. I often do this with iron ores, which are very bulky before they smelt down.

    Wow, the more you know I guess...never even suspected about this "queue" existence until now.

    Indeed for Iron this is perfect: throw 64 Limonite dusts in there at once and just throw in Carbon once in a while while draining the Crucible.

    3gb, the newest java is installed and my cpu is overcloacked to 4.5 ghz...
    anyway, the steel engine doesnt impact the performance (because it doesnt flicker with its color i guess) so i got that for now.

    3GB is not enough...put it at 4GB, even 6GB if you can (we all got 8GB anyway now, don't we ?).

    Modded minecraft clients are way more resource hungry and despite GT efforts to optimize here and there, there are performance sinks in the base vanilla client (and IC2 I reckon) that you have to power struggle with more RAM.

    I'll try to investigate the color flickering impact, it may explain some spikes I've gotten too.
    Most of the time I got lag spikes when I run my 3 three bb/boilers and 2 or 3 machines, so I guess there may be something to be wary of.

    If you want it to be easy get a steel centrifuge and a steel or better turbine and you should have plenty of margin for error.

    Plus it's a good incentive to go full Steel before starting the big projects like Stainless Steel Tanks, Distillery Tower, and so on..making an infrastructure for Steel based machines allows for faster processing on the whole, especially when you understand how turbine/engine overdriving works.

    Found a Nickel vein in the ocean, after drowning thrice, yay. Now to find a Tungstate vein to finally make a Smelter. I think I'll make the Crystallisation crucible first since I've got the Iridium to do so.
    I also started to dabble with paint...and my base is now as colorful as a MyLittlePony episode. Do we have some cleaner to remove all that ? XD

    can someone tell me with what low level setup they run their bronce crusher? i want to give it a last shot

    My go-to setup that worked with my Bronze crusher was Titanium BB, Titanium Boiler, Titanium smal pipe, Titanium Engine.

    That being said, it's was not effective at all. I think I could have used a Steel engine way more efficiently, now that I know about overdriving Turbines.

    Tungsten ores can also give some manganese. It sluices from Tungstate and Sheelite, and can be magnetically separated from either of those plus Tungsten ore. (You can also get it by electrolysis of grey vitriol from sulfuric acid treatment of the same ores, but that needs the hardware to run a 96 V electrolyzer so probably isn't helpful.) EDIT: Of course, that's a rare vein.

    Nickel can be had by sluicing copper (common everywhere) and yellow limonite (found in rather common veins) and can be magnetically separated from copper ore.

    ...Incidentally, with the changes to refined ores I really strongly recommend getting a magnetic separator, unless you're already doing acid bath ore refinement at least. Refining purified ore now adds 1/8th of a unit to the value of the main ore in addition to giving you side products. EDIT: Though if you've got a shredder you could get 1/9th of a unit of side product instead by shredding the purified ore and centrifuging or electrolyzing the resulting purified dust. Which is sometimes a good deal, depending on what the side products are.

    Yeah my primary source of Nickel is Copper at the moment, which is nice because I use bronze as my dispensable tools source in my advanced crafting table.
    Yellow limonite is also a nice source because we need so much Iron for steel and stainless steel anyway.

    That's why I don't complain that much: In exchange for that missing Nickel vein I have two Palladium/Iridium and 2/3 Manganese veins, and I just discovered an Asbestos one on the bottom of the ocean.

    I've started to look into the ocean and it's quite easy to spot veins actually: nothing block the view and doing some diving help tremendously. Using a mod like Journey Map can even point you in the right direction with the map (look for dark spots in water). I managed to find a dozen veins by using this trick. Galena, Absestos, Redstone, Monazite, Sodalite, and even Palladium/Iridium, lots of veins can be find this way.

    I even started to make night vision/water breathing potions for this very purpose. Fishing, yay !

    Finished my Distillery Tower. Now to farm some oil !

    I was thinking about using multi-fluids pipes but I guess I'd have to use Filters to split every fluid along the way, am I right ?

    Anyway, next step should be to build 7 wooden tanks for every distillery by-product, I reckon. Hell I'll make it 8 for Creosote to level a forest, then !

    I'm a bit conservative around barrels, or even chests, and try to put in world as much as I can, thus my Stacks on Stacks usage.
    I find it fun to reason around storage instead of having magic chests storing absurd quantities (whatever their cost).

    Actually I started to make Gold/Silver hoppers and chests because I was almost literally swarmed with Gold and Silver blocks.

    Hope you've got a lathe. You really want a lathe.

    Yeah got one (Bronze one though).

    As for the Magnetic Separator, I see it as a bonus so I might not make it until very late.

    So yeah I too have a whole town floor made of Sluice Sand Blocks. Combining a Dust Funnel and a Reinforced Chest as my Dryer output was the best decision I ever made GT-wise.

    I'll note that I handle sluice juice by drying it, which seems much cheaper and takes care of the distilled water issue. (If anything, rather too much so.) Of course processing the sand is another thing, but you can stockpile large quantities of it pretty easily.

    If you're counting on getting chromium out of the stuff it won't help you, but if keeping your sluice juice tank under control is the main issue it's good.

    Yeah I'm not centrifuging Sluice Juice for the same reasons. Quick distilled water and no rewarding benefit to centrifuging it means I'd rather have a gazillion of Sluice Sand blocks than wasting my centrifuge time with it.
    I'd rather wait for a Magnetic Separator (which gives more stuff from one Sluice sand anyway IIRC).

    Got to make 27 batches of 9 stainless steel to have enough for the Distillery Tower, argh ! All these screws....