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    Yeah, I can agree that it's extremly annoying for these one since it completly nerf manual mining :/

    I've mined more Iridium Ore and Ruby Ore since I've started to used the JackHammer.
    Granted it takes some EU to power (especially the diamond one) but I don't lose anything rare now.

    What has been nerfed is branch mining, not all manual mining.

    I don't mind core veins (even though I agree that they need to be a little less flashy) but camo ores should not be invisible ores.
    I lost several ruby ores by mining around a lava lake. If I have had a slight clue to look at when I mine (and not the particle one which is quite tedious...), I would not have minded this change.

    That being said,I did not know about the jackhammer until recently. I'll definitely give it a try.