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    I found a bastnastite vein and according to NEI, it smelts into Cerium, yet I can't find any use for cerium, and searching for cerium in NEI finds zero results. Bug with NEI integration? What's the use of the stuff?

    Like a lot of materials, making pretty dust piles and blocks piles :3

    Maybe they will have some usefulness some day...

    Yeah since the changelog gives a hint about other future tanks, I'm going to hoard a bit of metal to expect a Stainless Steel one. I'm already hoarding for Steel Machines and Refinery so I don't mind mining a bit more lol

    Depends on the reason why it falls. Also did you try relogging?

    I put it on the side of another block with no block under it to make it fall, like Gravel when you want to drop it down from a platform above (gotta drop all these Sluice blocks !). If I place the blocks as usual (not falling) they're fine.
    If I mine the "Empty dust" block it turns back to Sluice Dust block. Now that I think about it, the same problem happened for Dark Ashes Dust blocks if I remember correctly.

    I did relog because I noticed it the first time on Sunday, and then yesterday when I wrote about it.

    Just checked, Environmine might have murdered your Blocks. Nothing I can do about that. Unless you run GT .30 in which case the Sync is bugged.

    I do run GT .30

    Well I'll be careful not dropping my dust blocks then, no biggie.


    It can collect Rain Horizontally aswell, if there is a solid Floor in front of it.

    Well, it might


    The Drain can collect Fluid Source Blocks too, if not against Gravity. Horizontally always works.

    So basically a pump then ?

    Trial and error.

    Yeah ok, there's a little bit of NEI involved there.

    Actually, there could be Machine books like Material books.
    That would be fun idea and an interesting loot to have...or even to craft.
    Why not using a some machines parts with a Magnifying Glass and a book to "research" new machines ?

    NEI could not be a requirement, then :3

    * NotEnoughItems (required, official recipe pseudo-documentation)

    NEI is not required per se, but it's very recommended for beginners.
    The "official" documentation is a mix between the in-game tooltips, manuals, and the changelog. I'd rather have that than an ever obsolete documentation, or less features (because Greg would have to dedicate time to update a documentation instead of adding awesome features and berating us because we use all this awesome stuff incorrectly).

    If you're used to GT6 mechanics (crucible, machines, materials, ...), you could go without NEI and instead rely exclusively on GT in-game Manuals.

    I like reading some of the materials one to see how exhaustive they are, and they are quite impressive in that regard.

    Also, to get started with GT6, there's a lot of information and notes in the wiki:

    So Bauxite dust melts at 2800K to make Aluminium but Aluminium has a boiling point of 2792K.

    Tried it just to be sure and yeah Bauxite melted in Aluminium, which immediately evaporated to nothingness :3

    Intended as an incentive to get Aluminium from Electrolyzer/Centrifuge ?

    uhhhm, are you sure you have read the values from the right places? And I dont know if the Math is right.

    I think it's just the Small Pile (1/4th unit) that seems to be inconsistent. I was also looking at Bauxite melting and the same kind of oddity appeared again :

    - 1 Bauxite Dust smelt in 2 Aluminium chunks (so 2:1)
    - 1 Bauxite Block smelt in 18 Aluminium chunks (so 2:1, again)
    - 1 Bauxite Tiny Pile Dust smelt in 1 Aluminium Small Pile (so 1:2 ?!?)

    Ratios seems to be ok for Dust and Block (like Tantalite/Tantalum relationship) but not for Small Pile. Maybe it's just the Recipe presentation in the NEI Crucible tab i don't know.

    See :

    If I read the Crucible Recipes correctly a Small Pile of Tantlite gives a Small Pile of Tantalum in the Crucible, but Tantalite Dust and Tantalite Block give a Tantalum Nugget and a Tantalite Ingot respectively (thus 1/9th of their Tantalum counterpart).

    Shouldn't a Small Pile of Tantalite give 1/9th of a Small Pile of Tantlum, so 1/9 * 1/4 = 1/36 = 2 1/72th units of Tantalum ?

    So no way to get fluids into the pipe with just GT?

    If your fluid is in a Tank/Drum (so non-GT stuff) you can use GT pump covers to extract fluid and put it in a GT pipe.

    But if your fluid is in the world, no there's no GT pump block at the moment to extract it from the world and put it in a GT pipe.