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    Villager Trades are worse than EE. Extremly overpowered. Ever watched Docm77? He has 2 Villager Trading Systems, and even though the one on Mindcrack isnt finished yet, alone that one unperfect Blacksmith with all the vanilla Items can give you infinite Diamond Gear for basically nothing but Paper, Wheat and GenerikBs Chickens.

    I propose a new unit for unbalance: EE.

    Extra Bees has an unbalance of 5.0EE. Villager trading has an unbalance of 2.5EE. :)

    Nice updates so far. I'm really happy with the new features.

    I am playing around with the liquid pipes right now. I am using a machine box with two pump covers to transport the liquid from a BC storage tank (just for testing purposes) and then into the pipes. Works marvelous.

    The machine box with pump covers pumps really fast and doesn't use up much EU. The only problem is that I can't seem to turn it off as long as it has internal storage left. The control covers don't seem to affect the pump covers.

    Any ideas to create a valve for the pipes? :)

    Solved: Ah... the pump covers have a mode for that. You need to set it to import 'conditional' or 'conditional inverted' and then use a control cover with a lever. Nice!

    I DO know that infinity is not a number. I said that infinity can be a ridiculously large number which can't be written for obvious reasons and therefore is abbreviated into ∞.

    What? That doesn't make ANY sense. Since when can you abbrivate large numbers to infinity? Infinity is sometimes treated as if it were a number but both are actually very very different from each other.

    After 10^180, there really isn't much point because anything much larger is completely pointless, Assuming the universe is a sphere, 10^180 is the amount of plank lengths in the observable universe ;p

    Well, you could calculate how many possible universes there could be of this size. If you think that's ridiculous then look up wikipedia on the googleplex article. You find this interesting estimation:


    In a separate article, Page shows that the number of states in a black hole with a mass roughly equivalent to the Andromeda Galaxy is in the range of a googolplex.

    Infinity is only for exponential equations.

    Also, ; Yotta is a pretty big number (Septillion)

    xkcd once had a nice idea about creating large numbers. Imagine a big number. Now you take a sheet of paper and write down the digits until you fill the entire page. Not enough space? Write down the number of pages you would need to write the digits down completely. Still not enough? Write down the number of pages you would need to write down the number of pages you would need to write the digits down completely. Repeat until finished. and count the number of "layers". The number you'll get will be so extremely large that there are no practical applications for it and still it's nothing compared to infinity.

    I don't even need to do so, you already did. :3
    can be a ridicuously large number too.

    I know this comes across a bit like trolling, but infinity is not(!!!) a number. It's an abstract concept. There is a reason why mathmaticians occupy themselves with very large numbers (like googol, googolplex).

    " 4π r^3 / 3 "
    The volume of what this formula describes is round.
    π is just a number :3

    That ain't round at all. This just returns a pretty unteresting number for any real r. Unless you give it some context it's meaningless. How about

    x²+y²=r² in a Cartesian coordinate system for any real (x;y;r)

    Awesome, awesome, awesome!

    I _LOVE_ the pipes you made. They are so cool! No longer do I have to rely on those retarded waterproof (lol?) pipes from BC! You make my day :P
    But there is something strange with their rendering. When there is no block light, but max sunlight, they look very dark.

    @bove: I agree: 2^10 is a lot rounder then decimal 1000, which only looks round in the arbitrary decimal system. 2^10 on the other hand is round in more than just binary. :)

    Is it intentional that you cannot grind casserite ore in a sturdy grinder? :)


    The tank is full (2000/2000). The golden pipe is also full of steam, and there is a piece of iron ore in it. The same thing happens for all of my other bronze machines. They'll process one thing, then stop.

    Please keep in mind that the "exhaust" of the machine cannot be blocked by anything and must be facing an air block. It can be turned by using any wrench, though.