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    But this move will certainly make IC2 more popular among the "mainstream" players for sure. It'll probably be a great move PR wise.

    I rather doubt that. These people are a living circlejerk, and will just find something else to moan and whine about, whether it be "why is IC2 such a special snowflake for all of its crafting with all of its own parts, machine frames and reception coils was good enough for everyone else", "IC2 just looks so out of place next to TE and EiO, I can never find an excuse to put it in my base" or "why would I bother with a mod in which most of its content can be done more easily with the TE I know and love?". They practically identify themselves by how much disdain they have from IC2, and removing their point of complaint will do nothing but make them find a new one.

    Design-wise, sort of, but it was RF or death for us - our ecosystem is far smaller than IC2's.

    That says nothing about RF actually being good, fitting, or anything positive, just that this community is so singleminded in their push for RFification that you had to choose between that and forced obsolescence at the hands of others.

    This...does not make me happy to hear at all. Ditching the EU system is going to cause IC2 to lose its core identity as people demand it play more and more like the other RF mods - which most RF-using devs will tell you is The Right Way, as variance is bad and compatibility equals conformity - something not helped by the fact that EU is/was the last of the original power systems yet to be steamrolled by RF. Combine that with how asie said that ditching MJ was perhaps the biggest mistake in the history of BuildCraft, and I think you are making a very serious mistake if you care about IC2 as a mod defined by its playstyle and design rather than sheer popularity.

    OK, I will add it, something that will come in v3.

    I am not worried about the Turbine (that thing is huge, so it is justified), I am more worried about the Steam : EU Ratio, which should be 2-Steam = 1-EU (Railcraft Standard). While Railcrafts Turbine does make it possible to have a slightly higher Ratio (2 Steam = 1.25 EU) it needs to waste Steel to do that.

    I use my own kind of steam which is not in the FluidRegistry or usable by other mods. This is mainly to keep the two separate, but is also rather realistic given that the steam coming out of a nuclear reactor boiler is rather hotter and higher pressure than that coming from a coal boiler. :P

    Also, what Device does produce 764000 Steam per Tick (if it has the RC Standard) in order to run your Turbine? And how the hell do you transport that much steam at once without "cheating" with Tesseracts?

    The fusion reactor can run about 8 of the HP turbines; a large and efficient fission reactor can run one. Steam is transported with special pipes that use a pressure-driven dS/dx system.

    It is the Device which makes Material (like Coal or Uranium) into usable Energy (Steam), not the Turbine which just does the Energy (Steam) to Energy (Electricity) Conversion, what causes the (eventual) disbalance.

    Mine are scaled realistically; an LP turbine generates on the order of 950MW, and a HP turbine 8.59GW, which are on par with real-world applications in power stations. The issue here comes more from the scale; 8.59GW is an insane amount of power (that nonetheless you will find yourself needing after you use it for a while :P ).

    I am all about realism in regards of Ores. Magnetite is a rather abundant Material in the upper layers of the World, bundled together with small amounts of Gold Ore, VanadiumMagnetite Ore (special form of Magnetite which contains Vanadium), and Iron Ore.

    Crushed Magnetite Ore can be washed with Mercury (= Quicksilver) in order to get a bit more Gold as byproduct, after that the purified Magnetite Ore you get from it needs to be crushed in a Macerator/Pulverizer into purified Dust to be able to insert it into the Electromagnetic Separator in order to get some more Gold as Byproduct.

    In order to then further process the final Magnetite Dust you need either an Electrolyzer to make 7 of it into 3 Iron Dust and 4 Oxygen Cells, or you use the Electric Blast Furnace to smelt one of it into Iron Nuggets.

    Is actual magnetite as an item object obtainable, and is the ore registered as "oreMagnetite"? If so, I think I can do this. If no to the former, I can probably add a smelting recipe of GT ore to ReC items or something. The latter is also required to make the Extractor able to process it, a necessity given the 40K+ magnetite cost of the fusion reactor.

    Reika, here's some worldgen screenshots for you :,FZEm3El,3nOuto8,qPYzLXZ

    The first one, everywhere there's holes, it used to be magnetite, and all the black ores are magnetite too.
    They are densely generated in a 3x3 chunk pattern, and on my ssp hardcore survival, I have two veins next to each other.

    This kind of worldgen applies for almost every ore GT generate.

    That looks compatible, yes.

    Funnily enough, Per Fabrica Ad Astra - Geologica module (or just PFAA) has fluorite :P.

    I would still like for the choice. Its all about it. If i want to play with Magnetite from your mod or Greg's or BOTH, its a choice i'd like to have.

    I know, but I see far too many people who disable core features then come back and blame me when their ignorance comes to light.

    Having TC aspects is perfectly fine. I am more concerned with things like its texture and, if addressed, physical properties. So far this sounds promising, including for the spawn rate.

    For the record, ReC magnetite spawns from y=60 to y=255 with the same line-size statistics as coal, but with 50% of the vein count per chunk.

    I can just say that old GT4 fusion reactors produced about ~50k EU/t worth, with an amazingly big infrastructure behind it, probably similar to RoC's.
    Edit: One lovely thing for GT and RoC (and all of your other mods reika) compatibility is to allow us to disable any kind of ore your mods may generate.
    I've heard you may not like it, but it is to ensure full compatibility and avoid spam of ores (see IC², forestry, TE, and all those tech mods that adds copper and tin).

    Edit2: Magnetite is present on GT, for example. In great quantities aswell.

    I add that for things that I know are likely to have duplicates, things like copper and tin. Rarer things like magnetite are less likely to see it, and things with no analogue (like fluorite) are for obvious reasons not going to be disable-able.
    I am kind of split on magnetite. On one hand, I am willing to add the functionality, but I fear that GT and ReC magnetite may be outwardly so different, on top of being a more exotic material, that players are not likely to realize their equivalence and thus assume ReC is broken. I also am not familiar enough with GT to say whether its magnetite is both of sufficient but not excessive frequency and sufficiently realistic (i.e. is treated like real magnetite, rather than being like IC2 uranium is to real uranium). I get nervous when fantasy materials creep into oreDict names for real materials (with 1.5.2 having a particularly bad offender of bronze (or was it brass?) being made from "transformative dust" (dustCopper) and "sheep ingots" (ingotTin).

    GregoriusT :

    As you may have already heard, I have decided to finally add EU compatibility to RotaryCraft (repurposing the old UE converters that never worked to begin with).

    One thing I want to make sure of is that these converters do not unbalance or obsoletize IC2 or GT content. Given that a player could choose to direct-drive a High-Pressure ReC turbine to this generator (an unlikely and inefficient choice, but nonetheless possible) and produce 382000 EU/t, which to the best of my knowledge exceeds anything else in the EU ecosystem, I feel this may be a risk.
    To help combat this, I have a setting for "hard mode EU" which is locked on if GT is installed, and I am asking you for input on what you think would be a good idea to add to it. I do not want to limit the converter's actual functionality (for example by an arbitrary hardcoded cap), but am certainly willing to make it more expensive and/or dangerous to operate. As it is, the generator requires and consumes coolant (either IC2 lapis-water coolant or RotaryCraft LN2) if that option is enabled. Do you have any other ideas you would like to see added?

    Well, the Scanners of IC² do something similar. Even not that precicely, but enough to consider detecting Ores as the only OP thing on them. You can always XRay-Piston through all the Walls.

    Well, glitches like pistons aside, there is nothing I know of that is similar to my Cave Scanner or GPR.
    Images to explain better than words:

    That much damage is pointless, dont you think? XD

    No, as there are mods that add mobs with that kind of health. I was involved early on in the development of one (by virtue of hosting its server).

    Thats just a bit convenience. An experienced TNT Cannon Engineer can do the same. Not to mention ICBM and its Rockets.

    This cannon will never destroy itself (and is un-sabotage-able) and can hold up to 9 stacks of TNT for rapidfire capability.

    You mean like Tree Capitator, Timber, Thaumcraft or Terrafirmacraft?

    No, this is a machine, for auto tree farming. Do other mods implement it? Yes, but mine is faster than any others I have seen (provided you give it enough power).

    Well, that is not even OP. The Electric Furnace I have added is even faster than that, when upgraded enough.

    Except my furnace heater (power and engine costs notwithstanding) is rather cheap.

    Ever seen MFFS? Or the other MFFS? Or the third MFFS which is not called MFFS?

    Yes, and mine is totally different.

    That should have a Config as Admins might do Bedrock sealed Controls for the Server.

    Unfortunately not possible, as the dust it produces is essential in several crafting recipes, and allowing it to be disabled would be rather destructive to the techtree.

    I agree on that one.

    Go ahead and look at the forum page and you will see that it is hardly as you appear to imagine (that being a stripped-down copy of some other mod).

    In my defence, I have had people from three different locations - this being one of them - confidently say that you would definitely edit RotaryCraft. Not so much because the machines are cheap (they are rather expensive) but because they can do some very, very powerful things.
    For example:
    Laser 3D scanning of the caves below you, or a slice-scan of all block types below you.
    Hijacking a spawner to boost its spawn rate up to a maximum of a dozen mobs a second.
    A railgun that can deal thousands or even millions of hearts of damage at max power.
    An automatic TNT cannon that can target a specific location (doing the math automatically).
    A machine to control the rain, lightning, and even create a "superstorm".
    A saw to cut down trees as fast as they can fall.
    A friction heater to make vanilla furnaces run 5x faster and without fuel.
    An extractor which can multiply ore production by up to 8x (average 1.54x), including many mod ores.
    A force field which can stop anything hostile (not including players or, for now, mod entities), including TNT, potions, all mob projectiles, and eventually things like mod missiles.
    A machine to grind away bedrock.

    When people scream "OVERPOWERED!!!1!", however, they fail to realize how the mod works - the cost (in power and knowledge to produce said power) is rather high. I have people telling me that RotaryCraft is underpowered. The fact that some machines can cost over 100 steel, several diamonds, ender pearls, a dozen gold, et cetera, or the fact that the fuel for the two top engines requires four expensive ingredients does nothing to counteract that.

    There are of course people who believe something to the effect of "no matter the cost, players should never have these sorts of abilities", but I am not going to design a mod around the kind of people who disable iron, diamond, and redstone on their servers because "it allows players to get things without working for them directly" or "it makes things too fast. It should take a long time to clear a room".

    Well, probably greg is not going to do anything to rotarycraft for now, as it is not going to be on modpacks anytime soon.
    If it ever gets popular, greg may or may not do something about it.

    Edit : Greg only changes a few mod recipes to make them fit GregTech Tech tree, no code and behavior is altered.
    I don't expect RotaryCraft to work well along IC² and some other tech mods, so GT may not work along it too.

    I do not know why everyone assumes RC is incompatible with other tech mods. They work fine together and even interface some items and soon power. All that sets it apart is that RC can stand on its own, whereas most other mods seem to have grown to become interdependent.

    Greg can balance any mod he sees fit, and "fix" exploits he makes.
    EDIT: After seeing the mod, he will most definetly nerf it. Sorry, that's the way Greg and his ego rolls MinecraftCreeper
    However, would you think pneumatic upgrades would make sense to rotarycraft?

    What do you mean, "pneumatic upgrades"? I plan to add BC power conversion (which is pneumatic) but making RC pneumatic is definitely out of the question.

    Is this the place where I can, as the author of a mod, request that GregTech never make unauthorized changes to my recipes, machine behavior, or any other code?

    If so:
    Greg, please never alter any RotaryCraft functionality without first getting my approval; RotaryCraft is designed to be as realistic as reasonably possible at its core, and I admit I trust only myself to fulfill that design to the depth I desire.

    If not, where is the best place to do it?