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    Actually A small note. Some people seem to miss that the Mass-Fab can run on incredible amounts of EU/t, since the packets can't be large then 512EU/t and thus will be accepted by the mass-fab without redesigning the environment (well... don't use a good CASUC...).

    My Mass-Fab was powered by 20 Solar-Arrays in 1.0. So it consumed 10240EU/t :P

    In my 1.0 world I had a massfab running on about 3600 EU/t using 6 parallel MFSUs (<3 Ice-fed CASUC) and a high voltage solar array (adv. machines addon). I didn't even try to keep up with scrap production.

    First: Really great mod. Installed it directly after release together with buildcraft 2.2.0 and had loads of fun (450+ solar panels ftw!)

    So, today I wanted to automate my use of the mass fabricator a bit more and added some buildcraft pipes to it, which worked well.

    The problem is, the mass fabricator is connected via a MV transformer to my MSFU using a gold pipe (128 EU/t max) and draws ~460 EU/t!

    MSFU -- (HV cable) --> MV Transformer (no redstone power, of course) -- (gold cable, 4x as much power as it should be able to transport) --> Mass Fabricator