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    I was just putting out some basic ideas, I don't expect Greg to code THAT much stuff (if he does at all). My original concept was an abandoned city with broken machinery everywhere and radiation-infested monsters, but with a lot of good "industrial loot". The balancing factor to this would be the sheer strength of the mobs, requiring quantum just to survive. Again, I kind of made this all up as I went along, and I added things as I went. I realize that the amount of things in that suggestion would probably be enough for its own addon. (Imagine an industrialized Twilight Forest) Needless to say, if Greg was to do something like that he could take out and refine and add whatever he wants.

    And for my first ever post on this forum, I suggest the Industrial Age:

    Imagine a new dimension with the spawn being in a large city (thinking ~1000x1000), where everything there is industrial. Buildings differentiate in purpose, some contain solar panels, others managing wind farms, some dare the unforgiving nuclear reactors and even the brave few who venture into the depths of nuclear fusion. Some buildings contain massive power storage arrays and others store blocks of materials, but only so much. Perhaps you are lucky enough to stumble upon the dwelling of an industrialized villager and their trades. Some villagers are skilled in the art of mining, and offer you tools and ores in exchange for appropriately balanced materials. Other villagers are wise in the construction of nuclear reactors, and offer you components and copper plates in exchange for fuels and cells. However, albeit some of the villagers are busy, and cannot trade with you directly at the time, and so direct you to their shops, where you may indirectly trade with them through trade-o-mats. All seems swell in this industrialized nation.

    Alas, all is not well, as the city will occasionally experience catastrophe, in instances where unskilled nuclear engineers decide to try their luck in real-time reactors, rather than using the almighty G.L.A.D. OS Gregtech-ComputerCube for their experiments, and thereby fail in their attempts and blow up the whole of their dwelling and all adjacent. But this is sometimes the least of their worries, when other cities from many kilometers away attack with high-tech robots, capable of smashing through Nano-armor in one fellow swoop. The villagers assemble and decide that YOU must be the one to mass a counterassault these other cities, as YOU are the only one of them all that has access to knowledge outside of their Minecraft dwelling, like this forum and other wikis. So you set out in your Quantum armor to see what trouble stirs in the uninviting cities that dare attack the peaceful city. Upon arrival you are greeted by rockets and lasers and explosions, and you quickly dash into a building filled with resources you know will be helpful in your own endeavors, and you decide-for your own selfish reasons-to liberate this city and loot it of its resources. And with that, the rest is up to you........

    Who likes my narrating? :D Anyways I sort of made all that up as I went along, sorry if some parts were lame or boring, I'm just pitching ideas.