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    Ok I solved the problem. Thanks for your answers.

    For everyone else having the same problem, the config file of better dungeon is in the chocolate folder after you started the game once. Just change the ID´s to free ones and you are fine. ID Resolver is good tool to find our which ones are free.

    You got a block ID conflict, change betterdungeon ID to something different than IC².
    That conflict is stated here : "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 249 is already occupied by ic2.core.block.BlockSimple@6ab29b when adding chocolate.mods.BD.block.BlockCapsule@12b0019"

    Hey thanks but how can I change the ID?

    I would still love having industrial craft2 and better dungeons.

    Here´s the crash report, maybe you can help me out:

    So I installed several mods but when i try to install IC2 its crashing.

    Following mods are installed:

    I looked up my problem here and found this post from blaster:

    blaster wrote:

    1. Remove all mods except Forge and test. If you can load Forge without any problems, move to step 2
    2. Re install your core mods. while you are testing, NEI is very helpful as it can show you any broken recepies and help with ID conflicts
    3. Install in mods that go into the mods folder one at a time, in order to find out the mod that is causing the problem

    Completed step 1 and 2, stucking in step 3. Installed core mods and tried to install IC2 afterwards. The result was a crash report.

    Here is the crash report:

    I hope someone can help me.

    Thanks in advance.