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    No, no - see, this is about outputs, not inputs. The regular TE recipes for enderium and fluxed electrum are being changed to output only GT metals. That's definitely not an action from TE, especially not if you say they don't use oredictionary results. Vanilla TE recipes for enderium should output TE enderium unless something else is overriding it. It's not an issue with any GT recipes because of how he registers results, but it seems like TE recipes for enderium should use TE ingots as the result if only one output is possible.

    Hey, Greg, would it be possible to make it so your metaitem metals and such have the same recipes as their counterparts in the mother mod?

    I feel like that's not too clear, so let me give you an example: Thermal Expansion Enderium. Both yours and TE's are listed as valid products for most things, such as smelting down plates, or dusts, or even the vacuum freezer. What's odd about it, though, is that the vanilla Thermal Expansion method only lists your ingots as the output - not an issue in 99.99% of cases, but if a new user was to look up the TE enderium because they wanted to make a tesseract or summat, they wouldn't see the 'regular' TE method - which can be a little confusing for some people.

    AFAIK, the only things this occurs for are metaitems that use hot ingots; the ones I've personally seen are fluxed electrum and enederium from TE. If it's not too much work, this is a quirk I would really like to see fixed. Thanks.

    @Greg you can search all day long, he didn't update his source code on github the last days so the "hack" isn't on github. so by the way^^

    I'll poke diyo about this - he's perfectly willing to, probably just hasn't gotten around to it.

    EDIT: he has updated the github, just not the master branch. I am unsure if the master branch and the version Greg used are identical.

    Greg, tell me something. Why should mDiyo go out of his way to support you (especially when you're blaming him for a crash you generated and added - I don't care if you consider it an 'exploit' or not, the game works fine and there is no reason to crash the game - a warning works just as well.) when you don't care about supporting him?