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    B-b-but configs. Please, it's the act of putting your paws in someone elses shit and changing it, and getting pissed when someone else does the same thing back to you. So you decide to shit on my porch, and you get pissed because I did it back? But don't worry, you got a hose (configs) to wash it off so you don't have to touch it.

    So because It happens after Gregs "fix", takes place he's a hacker? No, not at all. Greg changing recipes, and functions of other mods means he's not a hacker. Someone changes Gregtech's functionality, he's a hacker. That's ass backward logic, and doesn't add up.

    [Addon][IC² 1.106 - 1.116] GregTech-Addon: Taking Industry to a whole new Level of complexity!

    That's an interesting instance of someone calling Greg out on changing recipes in a mod that's not his own. So greg changes these recipies to better suit his machines, his mods, his vision correct? I believe the change that was made to TC for the wood, well that fits mDiyo's vision. Let's not get hypocritical here, but I'll spell it out for you cause your really blind to anything that isn't spoonfed to you. Just because someone does the same thing that Greg does to balance out their mod, or their vision doesn't make them a bad person okay? Just because someone see's Greg do something and thinks its a good idea doesn't make them a bad person. It just makes Greg a bad influence.

    The point of a mod pack is combined mod stability, between not just one, but many mods. So no, no mod pack is using "bleeding-edge" releases of either pack. But we're pretty close. GT updates daily. Sometimes multiple times.

    Crashing wasn't the best solution but you can't deny the fact that it solved the problem mdyio created rather fast by bringing his actions to public. What was it, less than 8 hours from discovery to mdyio message?

    Also, yet again, GT overrides parts of vanilla (just as many other mods and most with configs), IC2 (of what it's an addon for), quarry (to make it cost reasonable amount and has a config), forestry bronze (to eliminate an exploit) and UE plates (that even buffs them a bit). That's it, there are no other things that GT changes. Nothing.

    Crashing was the worst solution, it wasn't even close to a bad, but mediocre solution. Mdyio caused no problems. Would GT crash because of the changes Mydio make?