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    Hate to be the herald of bad news but mDiyo has gone back on his word he said he would add a config option in regards to the wood nerf but in his latest version there is a config option but it has no effect I still get 4 planks from 1 log no matter the setting (and yes I have checked Gregtech configs and it is enabled there as well). I would go mention this in his IRC channel but I am too afraid that I will chased off with pitchforks and torches.

    Checked the source code on Github, nothing of the sort seems to be there aside from it checking for the config option being toggled on or off.

    I just remembered because I saw your name. With smart moving installed I can remove your items and their function continues with no power use.
    EG fly around with jetpack, take it off, keep flying

    Yeah, Smart Moving/PlayerAPI's kind of... Yeah... I mean, it's a good mod that enhances the Minecraft experience by a large amount, but it causes way too many problems. I've brought this up with modders before, the only solution is "don't use Smart Moving."

    Right. How many modpacks have you personally made that you know how easy it is to hunt them down? To be honest if it was possible I'd ask greg to crash on itemID conflicts if they exist with all mods, not just with his own.
    I'm talking about ID conflicts that don't automatically crash the game, not the ones you have to change when you actually make the mods run together.
    I for one consider item ID conflicts rather serious things and in fact I have things conflict that effectively made the game unplayable for me as I wasn't able to craft an iron pick as it gave me some random item from a magic mod I don't use any more instead of the pick. It's even worse when you add mods after having been played some and you can loose items that way.

    I remember this one time Mo' Creatures conflicted with Buildcraft and gave me oil buckets instead of fur pelts. And another time when I got Apatite from Forestry when testing a crafting recipe I added. Perfect argument for test worlds, in my opinion.

    Gotta say, BTW is a great mod though!

    What is so bad about BTW? As a mod it's pretty darn awesome. Just too bad that it doesn't play well with others.

    I don't know, maybe it's nostalgia talking, but it feels like a shadow of its former self. I mean, some of the things added in the past year are brilliant, don't get me wrong, but it just doesn't feel implemented properly, mostly because FC doesn't really let anyone have input on it and doesn't get a feel for what others expect.

    Truth be told, I'm concerned about Greg possibly following a similar path sometime down the line. I just see too many parallels.

    Actually FlowerChild is totally cool with people making addons specifically for BTW. Biomes o Plenty recently released a special version specifically for BTW balanced around its difficulty.

    While true, it feels a bit... Controlled. Compounded with ModLoader support getting pulled, I imagine it's even more so now.

    I believe it's the other way around - the best games are those where author makes sure that he himself enjoy the gameplay. User-base is then defined by his tastes. And if you try to reverse this process than you could end up with a generic AAA-title that you play 1 time and forget about.

    I believe you should have a balance of both. If you listen entirely too much about what everyone has to say, you get a generic AAA title like you said, but if you ignore what everyone says, you get... Well I'm not going to sugarcoat it, Better Than Wolves. You won't believe how many cool concepts I have on the backburner because of people approaching me and saying "hey, it would be cool if Minecraft had 'x'", followed by bouncing ideas around with them.

    I wanted it to be solved as soon as possible, and creating a giant mob of angry Players, and pointing them to the offender, is the most efficient way of doing so. Maybe not the most popular way, but the most efficient one. I might not get the award for the most credible Person on the World for that, but I never attempted to get it anyways.

    Wouldn't it have been easier to... Oh, I don't know, TALK TO mDiyo about it?

    Yeah kinda. The best is, the Players can actually disable it in the Config, but have to toggle about 42 Configs (and restart MC each time to generate the next Config) before being successful in disabling them. That Config however works only on the Client it is used on. Other people in SMP can still see that Pumpkin.

    I don't know what's more frightening, the fact that you "punish" the user in this way, or the fact that you waste time doing so.