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    You can turn off the IC2 sound in the IC2 config file. That is what I had to do in the end. I do miss the IC2 sounds but it is better than not being able to use them at all.

    As a wild guess maybe if you have 32 generators running at once it tries to play 32 sounds simultaneously and the underlying sound system just isn't up to it.

    While there is plenty of room for improvement in the power generation options balance, in my opinion your power generation changes go too far and doesn't really fix much. It sounds like you personally don't like renewable energy but then complain that nuclear isn't renewable now. I think that is more a philosophical issue than game balance. Some people enjoy spending their game time maintaining their machines while others enjoy doing other things. There is almost no resource in the game that isn't available in infinite (for practical purposes) quantity except for the player's time. That means many people will perceive gaining resources without player time input as "unfair". This conflicts with the "industrial" aspect of IC since in the real world we build machines to save us time. Don't forget that this is a game so is supposed to be fun and not work.

    In the end the most important thing is whether your players enjoy the changes you've made on your server, but you asked for opinion so there you go.

    I'm not sure if this is a bug or suggestion but I'll try suggestion first. I built a new home base from construction foam and when installing the wiring found I could not lay wire by right clicking with cable on hardened construction foam blocks. There are work arounds but it makes CF construction less convenient. Normally with stone etc. I can just right click on the block to place a cable block.

    I lug one around but find myself rarely using it because it doesn't last long enough to be a useful mining tool. Either it needs a larger charge, perhaps a Mk II version, a simple/quick way to recharge it on the go, or tie it in to the batpack or similar. It is nice for a few shots of mining but doesn't last long enough. I do appreciate the suggestion someone made elsewhere about using the explosive mode to knock glowstone dust from the ceiling in the Nether, but I only need that once or twice and then have all the glowstone dust I'll need.

    Its a waste of tin just like many cell stuff is.

    Tin hasn't been a problem for me yet. I've found my limiting resource to be diamonds, not any of the metals. Mostly I just mine for diamonds and store the other metals as a by product. I think I'm up to 4 stacks of solid blocks of copper (256x9 copper) for example. Tin is probably the lowest stock but I still have a lot of it. I'm just using IC2, not other add-on's such as equivalent exchange that can easily make diamonds. I suppose I could use the metals to build more power generation to power more mass fabricators to create more diamonds, but the game is already getting sluggish on the old laptop I run it on so I'm a bit reluctant to go that route.

    Mostly to expand the capacity of an MFE then. Shame they can't discharge without an MFE/MFSU (I assume; haven't tried it yet) as an Electrolyzer could then be used to power a miner or similar cheaper than using an MFE/MFSU plus crystals.

    I guess you could surround an MFE with 4 Electrolyzers full of 64 cells each and end up with a few million EU storage without the cost of an MFSU.

    I built my first MSFU (IC2 only; no other mods) and then decided to try the Electrolyzer. Put the water cells in and the Electrolyzer is converting them to Electrolyzed Water Cells. The Wiki says the EWC's hold 13500 EU each so a stack of 64 = 864,000. That really isn't a huge amount. Why wouldn't I just use 1 Lapotron Crystal instead? Diamonds are hard to come by but not that hard. Just wondering if I am missing something important. Thanks.

    I did something similar with my first miner. Rather than upgrade the drill and scanner I just built new ones and left the old one working. However, I used 1 piece of wire under the solar panels so I could still open the chest etc. You've inspired me though. I've build two more cheap solar miners so the three together mine almost as much as my "real" miner. I just let the cheap solar ones run and come back whenever I feel like it to empty the chests and move them. I found 8 diamonds in one! I have gobs of every metal. Diamonds are my main limiting factor right now (just using IC2 without other modifications at present).