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    As someone who does not know, can someone please explain to me how EU differs from RF, and how the IC2 power system differs from other tech mods?

    I do have familiarity with Reika's RotaryCraft, if that helps.

    Ok, lets address these one at a time.

    First, you might want to have different flags for client and server. They will be doing different things, with different needs, especially with the memory.

    Lets start here. Try starting the server with this:

    -XX:+UseG1GC -Xmx3400m

    and see if it works.

    Now, are you able to use JVisualVM to examine the memory heap? (Upper right corner of the process monitor tab)

    Basically, if it works, I'd want to see either a screenshot of the memory usage, or a copy of the garbage collection log, as the first thing to try to figure out why you are running out of memory during startup with some GC's and not other GC's.

    OK, I think I understand that you have two issues:

    1: Very low frame rate (1 tps) on clients
    2: Server will run out of memory on startup without some rather strange GC flags

    And, this is a dedicated server / clients connecting issue.

    Lets start with that. Am I understanding the problems correctly?

    He is very mischievous and often likes fail, if Vanilla Forge server to run next to the game and it will be better.

    Sorry, the auto-translation came out gibberish. I did not understand you.

    during the generation of "Old gen" will be filled with the process and either hang or fall.

    Not really sure I understand this either.

    If old gen fills, that's an out of memory error.
    The point of garbage collection should be to remove enough junk to prevent that.

    CMS garbage collection really, *really* needs to avoid premature promotion.
    The best way to have that is with a giant new space.

    honestly at this size (186), the number of garbage collections is about ~5250(all types throughout heap), with a total duration of 3 minutes(1 collect an average of ~34 ms), per 30 minutes games. The increase in the younger generation reduces the number of garbage collections, but unfortunately the problem with 1 FPS that does not solve already checked.

    What I can say is that, having done a lot of testing, minecraft garbage collects best when there is enough space in New such that objects live in Survivor for at least 30 seconds (to die off as junk) before being promoted to Tenured. That needs a lot of space in New.

    use GLSL/OpenCL as an easier option than CUDA?

    Sure. Code written to use OpenCL or the equivalent will run fine on any system with OpenCL drivers. Not all systems have it; older systems did not. When minecraft was developed, I don't think it was widespread at all.

    Now, if you want to use OpenCL as a way to run code that was not designed for OpenCL? I don't think you can (I am not familiar enough with it).


    only run with the parameters: -XX:PermSize=300m -XX:MaxPermSize=300m -Xmx3400m

    First, on J8, PermSize arguments are ignored.
    Second, "-XX:PermSize" should never be mentioned. "-XX:MaxPermSize" is sufficient; the garbage collection will reallocate memory as needed, and it avoids wasting memory that is not needed for the permgen.

    Minecraft has leaks. Even server-side (dedicated server). So yea, no GC will get rid of all the garbage, because it does not fit the definition of garbage (there are still pointers in hashmaps that point to it). Yet either you are saying that the world won't generate because of leaks without these options, or I'm misunderstanding you.

    I can say that CMS wants a large new generation. 186 MB is not enough. I use 800, and my modpacks are not that huge. The biggest key for me is to get the large collections down to 30 seconds or longer.

    First, you are horribly over-specifying stuff to the JVM. Do you even know what those options are doing, or did you just copy/paste? Did you test to see if those are even right? Most of those have "auto-tune" behavior by the VM.

    Second: Moving work from the CPU to the GPU is not trivial. Minecraft was written to primarily use the CPU and not the GPU; getting a vendor-independent set of routines to make use of a GPU that is not known at the time you write code is really, really hard.

    FPS is determined by the client thread, and how long it takes to do things, primarily redrawing. TPS is determined by the server thread, and how long it takes to do things, primarily ticking blocks and entities. It is very possible for the server work to be short, and generate massive redraw work for the client. The client is very good at only doing a few things when it has a big backlog, and prioritizes stuff close to you in your field of vision; yet it can still find that one task will take a large fraction of a second.

    I would strongly recommend removing most of those args to start. You mention memory leaks, but there's nothing I can see there that deals with any attempt to diagnose that.

    I don't know.

    If I did not have a wiki telling me exactly what to cross-breed with what to get what, I probably would not bother with bees and trees. The idea of "I'll get something every time" means that I never have to worry about "failure, failure, failure, failure, gee, I wish a had a clue, faulure, fauilure, failure, ...".

    Knowing that every combination gives me something, and I can look at the resultant numbers, mean that I'll get something "good enough" eventually.

    Think of vanilla horse breeding. There's randomness. But even without a WAILA plug-in to tell me what the numbers are, I can test the speed with a redstone track, I can test the height of jump with some snow layers, and I know I can breed the higher numbers for potentially higher children. And repeat with donkeys. Cross for mules, now I have good quality movement and storage.


    Fine, a player could spend hours and lots of resources in their survival mode world to get what they want

    You mean, like they do now with bees, trees, flowers, etc; with horses, donkeys, mules; etc? Those are what I know of; this is just more of the same.

    If there's some underlying order -- some sense of "the output numbers depend on the input numbers" -- something for players to work with as "we're learning what works/does not work", then great.

    Otherwise, sure, you're having to play real-world "inventor" (really, tester), trying object after object after object ... something has to polarize the light (hey, a mirror), or twist the polarized light (... failed optical glass).

    When you say that the tick timing mod can run into problematic corner cases, what are these problem corner spots? In other words, what things should I look out for?

    Generally, my tps stays up at 20 unless I'm either doing new chunk gen, or running info a massive gas leak (a floating forge liquid that will eventually float up to Y=255, or fill up a sealed cave system.) I've got one test world where that gas is close to out of control (the bug is now fixed, but there's about 4-9 chunks with a ton of the stuff out in the open air), moving into range of the gas moves memory consumption from about 200K to 1.6 GB (that's tenured only), and ticks drop to an average of 1-2 tps.

    Greg, can we have a multiblock room that speeds up the tick rate and consumes 2048eu/t?

    He probably means everywhere, unless increasing tickrate only in a smallish area is possible? If it is, then this actually isn't that bad of an idea.

    I just imagine a hyperbolic chamber from dragonball Z ...

    And, some sort of "speed up the tick rate inside this room" effect might not be such a bad idea. Sure, you could get things like fast crop growth, or fast healing, but if you accidentally get a monster inside with you, well, ...

    I know that decay exists. I will admit that I haven't used Mystcraft in quite a while. I felt that the decay was too slow.

    In 0.8.x, black decay (the only one) grew pretty fast. It was nerfed around 0.9.2 for causing too much lag, and that's when the various colored decays went in.

    White decay is fast. One block at about Y=11 will, after about 12 minutes, overwhelm the ground. White is the "world over!" decay. Since you take damage for walking on it, and it kills mobs and food sources, it tends to make a really dead world.

    Colored decay -- red and blue -- are slower, and purple is slower still in the ground (but fast in the water). So these would give you more time.

    How much time do you want? Play with that, and place settings in the configs. At Y=2, it takes white decay about 30 minutes to reach the surface (it is slowed by bedrock and lava).


    Potion effects as instability seemed pointless since they went away as soon as you went underground. Since most of the time the creation of an age was for minerals, you always avoided the potion effects other than the first few minutes being in the age.

    May I introduce you to "Spontanious explosions", and "meteors"?

    S.E.'s can happen anywhere. While you are not likely to be hit, they will, eventually, hit anything stationary, like a return linking book, or a safety chest.

    Meteors ... don't use them prior to 0.10.6. They would crash single player, and kick everyone off of servers. They're fixed now. They go through anything at all given time.


    And yes, I would love to see an instability that caused the 'deletion' of the world after a set point of time. If the player was stuck in the age when it happened, the player is deleted as well. (IE, game over.)

    White is the closest thing to it right now. See that video.


    But can the missing symbols be selected from something that is disabled? Example: If I disable all of the sun symbols, then any random age created will not have a sun? Even more extreme example: If I disable all of the biomes, then random ages cannot have any biomes? (In which case, what would happen?)

    If all suns are disabled, not only will there not be a sun, but you'll probably get an error. Same thing with biomes, except that I'll probably guarantee you an error.


    Now, this I could see as being useful.

    This would work as well, but again, I'd like it if there was a setting that did this automatically for any world created. Like I had originally said, a simple setting that automatically triggered instability in any world, no matter how well created, would be very welcome for me, although I understand it wouldn't hold to canon Mystcraft.

    Ahh. Then, use the configs to just write in white decay blocks underground. Every such world will go poof with time.

    Ok, here are the current configs that we are using for our "fall apart" worlds.

    This relies on mystcraft version 095 and Custom Ore Gen for 1.4.7.

    If you want to use mystcraft 0.10.1 for 1.4.7, you would have to choose one of the two "fall apart" configs in there -- one loads up with instability effects, one loads up with decay blocks -- and remove the other.

    This should work with the new COG for 1.6.2 and the new mystcraft, but I have not yet tested that.

    You'll have to excuse the stupidity, but what is COG? The only thing that came up on Google was Custom Ore Generation. If that's the case, can you give me a look at what you have in the config files so that I can figure out how to create self destroying worlds?

    Yes, that's it -- Custom Ore Generation.

    Simply put: It lets you control how ore blocks are spawned. There are options for various kinds of veins, etc. You can make singleton blots without any veins, and you can spawn any block you want, not just ores.

    Result: Spawn decay blocks. Let them grow.


    Somebody had something similar to this, and I apologize if it was you, but it came out quite a while back, when Mystcraft was still fairly new and had decay lag problems. It was an interesting idea, although I didn't think the videos were made too terribly great. I don't have time right now, but I'll add your videos to my playlist and check it out. Thanks!

    It probably was me. No, my first series had audio issues -- very serious audio recording issues. Most of that is solved now, and I have a better recorder.

    The technical quality will be better moving forward.
    Story quality ... well, ... things got more interesting once AlexZang joined our group in that last run.

    Once session 3 of the new series gets off the editing desk (and a warning: it is so long it will probably become 3-5 episodes itself), you'll start to see the plotline that we have made for this series.

    Ok, I'm one of the two main Wiki editors, so let me know which page is confusing you.

    1. A disabled page is disabled, and will not be selected at all.
    2. As of 0.10.4, "missing" pages will be selected randomly. There is no automatic instability. 0.10.4, in particular, (1.5.2) has a very over-aggressive random selection, and is more likely to select for instability. 0.10.5 has it toned way down (also 1.5.2), and 0.10.6 has been taught to respect your specified colors, lengths, angles, etc, for celestial objects (suns, moons, stars, etc). 0.10.6 also did a better job of balancing selections of terrain modifiers (and is 1.6.2)
    3. Random worlds will have instability and decay if you go back to ... I think 094 for 1.4.5. 095 for 1.4.7 gave us potion effects. Note that I could be wrong here -- you might have to go back to the 1.4.2 version for just decay alone.

    You *can* disable non-decay instabilities. This would force any form of instability to always be decay.
    You *can* deliberately write in extra instability. If you are going for decay, and want a really ... "interesting" world, add in three accelerated symbols. Normally it gives things like faster crop growth; it also speeds the spread of decay. (Adds more random block ticks)

    "Click"... tripwire..."oh shit"... booooom! ... you are dead.

    The funny thing? When we entered that room, I was saying, "shouldn't we get the TNT first?" "nahhhhh, it'll be fine". As it was, when I heard the click, I tried to get out, but had trouble making it up a staircase out of a depression, and finally tried to just use a sword to block. Except that I didn't actually hit the right key for the sword, and was "blocking" with something else.

    I still managed to survive all but the LAST explosion. Of course.

    It would be nice if there was a config setting for Mystcraft that would force instability on any age created, no matter what.

    I have COG configs for that :-).

    Seriously, we are playing a series of "Overkill Slidecraft", where a group of us are hopping from world to world in an attempt to get back home, and the worlds are falling apart around us. To do this, I made two COG configs that give us two different types of "self destroying worlds" to play in.

    Playlist, if you're interested:…munXI-umom-v8op8BDdLv2NDL
    Forum thread:…ns-against-the-lich-king/

    The pilot (first two episodes) are up; episode 3 is in line for the editing table.


    Unfortunately, I don't know anything about canon Mystcraft, however, the simple idea would be that there's one "real" world, and all the copies are inherently unstable due to having been created.

    That's not Myst canon; all of the ages in myst are as "real" as any other.

    All of that makes sense, but this is for a singeplayer world, not a server. This is where my problems arise. If it was a server, I would choose twilight hands down (simplicity), but for singleplayer, not sure what I should do.

    Ahh. Very simple. Use both.

    As long as it's single player, you can trust yourself to not abuse things.

    Nothing says that you can't use random ages to try to -- legitimately -- get things that you would not permit yourself to write.

    Meanwhile, someone with a Charm of Keeping III...

    Sidenote : MFR spawner/grinder + maze slime = infinite charms of keeping.

    Considering that we obtained CoK about as fast as we used them up when we did a two person raid on a minotaur lair (ended with a "Click" ... if you don't understand, you don't know how they end), I don't consider them normally abusive.

    But ... I also don't permit hostile mob farms on my server.