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    I just read all 7 pages of this post, and glad I did, it's been extremely helpful, I too had cf sprayer troubles, and could not make uranium cells, hard to imagine I've gone all this time without a canning machine, I just thought it was for food and never bother to build one, well, guess I know what I'll be getting to next. As more recipes are updated in NEI it will become more clear to those who don't know I think, the way the metal former now has NEI and you can figure out how to make what you need.

    I also wanted to add, that I have a tier upgrade put onto my thermal centrifuge so it is running directly off 512 from a mfe now. Why? well, when I have power to spare I just add a few overclockers and I can get what I want in a hurry. If not, I run normally with two geo-thermal gens hooked up to the mfe.