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    For some reason, even tho the server says "FML compatible", I can't join the server. This is not the first time I manage a modpack, but I donwloaded everything (I even took Morpheus) and whenever I try to join the server, I get as a return "Fatally missing blocks and items".

    I enjoy playing with crops since I did a sugar cane farm a while ago with crops, and I acciddently put one more crop to another one, and I waited. It made wheat. So I tried with different things and it was nice.
    I just want to see one major change to crops : MAKE THEY DON'T BREAK WHEN YOU BREATH ABOVE THEIR HEADS.
    And a way to increase the chance to get one new crop. I usually do one trick : Let's say I have one withereed in my farm, surrounded by blazereed. I'll take down all the blazereed but one in diagonal, and I'll crossbreed the blazereed and the withereed, because IC2 makes that it will eventually create something at a so low percent chance that it'll either plant one blazereed or one withereed. When I have a bunch of withereed, I harvest the first one, and I replant some crops.

    I don't understand why you would want to look at plutonium efficiency seperately, it's always just standard efficiency/3, isn't it?

    Also, even though it's counterintuitive, you should always run the reactor that uses as much fuel as possible while supplying enough power for your base.
    Why? burning fuel gets you more plutonium, and plutonium is probably your limiting factor.

    In most case, they're using GT, as I am.
    Why are we looking for plutonium efficiency ?

    The industrial grinder makes one small pile of plutonium per Uranium ore, 4 of them can make one plutonium, 12 of them makes one rod. Than you can throw the purified uranium 238 into either a rock crusher, one universal macerator or to throw it into one thermal centrifuge. When you throw into a rock crusher / universal macerator, you have 10% of chance to get 1 more plutonium, when you throw it into the thermal centrifuge, it makes 1 tiny pile of plutonium (9 of them make 1 plutonium) per purified uranium 238.

    To make the standard IC2 rods, we have to centrifuge 4 uranium 238 dust (so 4 macerated uranium ingots) to get 1, and only 1 tiny pile of uranium 235. This process takes 2500 seconds. We need 6 uranium ingots + 3 tiny pile of uranium 235 to make 1 rod.

    So, if you want to start early with nuclear power, you'll have to WAIT. But when you have one industrial grinder, looking for MOX fuel rod is the better way. The uranium is still useful to make the MOX itself.

    This is the one I've been using for years, you need a good supply of lapis though, one auto shutdown system (when the inventory is not full), a way to extract the depleted LZH (the middle one will get melted first, so you need to get prepared to extract one completely cooled down and shutdown the reactor itself), to refill it, but it'll be producing 640 eu/t. At this rate, I think it's producing 1 bucket of UU each 2 minutes (Estimation). It doesn't require any chamber.
    The design I'm using is here.
    EDIT : Or you can see this page (that I found) to see some reactor designs : CLICK HERE.
    EDIT² : The whole setup here. The transfer node keeps always one stack in the cyclic assembler (to let room for the LZH), there is one itemduct which is extracting from the reactor, another one who leads the new LZH to the reactor, the gate above the MFSU says "Capacitor full => Red wire ON", the gate above the lever (which we can't see here, but it's the gate above one random black granite block) says "Redstone signal ON => Red wire ON", and the one on top of the reactor says "Inventory full => Redstone signal [AND] Red wire OFF => Redstone signal ON". This way the reactor is toggleable, and when the MFSU gets filled, the reactor stops running.