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    Btw, I get that error when I use the mod also. It seems to stop producing power, until I replace the solar panel.

    This may be a chunk issue and not related directly to the Adv. Solars mod. I was experiencing something similar with solar panels placed outside the range of my chunk loader, which would stop producing energy and disconnect from their mfsu/electrical engine, etc...

    Try placing a chunk loader or dimensional anchor or other device that keeps your chunks loaded in memory when you are away. That should resolve the solar panel issue without you having to replace them.

    Hello Sentimel.

    Thank you for all the quick work on these updates. This must have been a very busy weekend for you.

    Just wanted to mention that the server console is still spitting this out VERY often now:

    2013-12-09 13:19:01 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.removeTileEntity: advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityHybridSolarPanel@383274a5 (advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityHybridSolarPanel@383274a5) wasn't found (added), skipping
    2013-12-09 13:19:01 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.removeTileEntity: advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityHybridSolarPanel@78881975 (advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityHybridSolarPanel@78881975) wasn't found (added), skipping

    Does anyone know if there's a way to configure Forge to not echo "Warning" or below to the console?

    Most addons are updated to IC²-Experimental, however the world has changed (lead ore added) and many things got reworked

    The "experimental" branch has become relatively stable. (Oh please don't make me pay for having said that. ;)

    Is there a visible point in the future yet when it will no longer be "experimental" and become, in name as well as implementation/development, the main branch?

    I'm sure it's been brought up before, but will there be an update soon to reflect the new Teirs in IC2 Exp?

    Charging stations were great when I was wearing Nano armor, but now I can only recharge my tools at the stations and need to drop my Quantum armor piece by piece in an MFSU to charge them up again.

    Just curious if this was planned to be addressed sometime before 1.7.

    Thanks for your time and the great mod!

    Thank you for the update!

    I have loved the new items this mod brought into the game and your latest work finally allows us to use some of the even more advanced features! Great work and much loved!

    The new molecular transformer looks great and makes a nice centerpiece to our existing replication setup.

    There is one small issue, although not a problem. Adv. Solar Panels now causes this warning to be spammed in the server console with every tick:

    2013-11-25 10:19:53 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.addTileEntity: advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@697c9b0b (advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@697c9b0b) is conflicting with advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@73a72547 using the same position (already added, prev. te not removed, overlapping), aborting

    2013-11-25 10:20:53 [WARNING] [IC2] EnergyNet.removeTileEntity: advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@697c9b0b (advsolar.common.tiles.TileEntityAdvancedSolarPanel@697c9b0b) wasn't found (added), skipping

    Just thought you should know.

    Thank you again for the work you've put into a great mod!