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    Hmmm... I'm pretty sure I'm wrong about this. It looks like his recipe is a shapeless ingotHSLA -> 4 ball bearings. But it's definitely some interaction with GregTech that is removing the recipe. Digging a little deeper.

    HSLA Steel ingots is register as ingotSteel in GregTech, in RotaryCraft, it is coded to have "ingotHSLA" as the name. So in this case - because of the oredict name change, the steel ingots can't be crafted since there are other recipes in hand (ingot > nuggets)

    Someone on the RotaryCraft thread is reporting bugs about GregTech incompatibilities:

    What could be happening? I didn't know GT interacts with RC :/

    Here's the thing - GregTech is the sun in this case. It is the *major* source of OreDictionary and vanilla recipe altering. Your analogy would hold true if there were another mod shadowing what Greg does by orders of magnitude, but there aren't any.

    So considering that, it is a completely fair warning. And again, I'm not "blaming" Greg here or even taking a side - he knows that he restructures and changes a lot of things - that's the entire point of his mod! And that's fine, there is nothing wrong with acknowledging that it does that. To his credit, Greg does an amazing job with all of the x-mod interaction that he does. But it's insane to say that he doesn't do more of it than anyone else, which is what you just implied.

    Totally agreed, this mod could change how other mods work and codes could be more clean. Thanks Greg.

    Also I need to get use to IC2 Forums formatting

    Banning you for helping? WTF :huh:

    Exactly. I was trying to be normal and calm, and then he bans me on IRC, not replying on MCF - doesn't take my ideas in. Tries to humiliate Greg... And now people are finding evidences of illegal blacklisting in world corruption... Seriosuly? Diyo?


    He wasnt being nice or something, I wasn't paying much attention.
    Then he got banned and started raging everywhere.

    Raging everywhere? Use your words carefully - "wasn't paying much attention" explains all the things you have just said. Doesn't make Sense.