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    I'm not sure if this is intended behavior or not, but it's very annoying and makes the GraviChestPlate seem inferior to the Advanced NanoChestPlate. First off, I've noticed that the GraviChestPlate burns off power even when it's on but not being used. Just standing idle will deplete the engines unless you turn off the engine. Secondly, the flight time seems to be a fraction of what the NanoChestPlate is capable of.

    I normally use the NanoChestPlate because I didn't know about this armor, but I've finally spent the time and resources to make one, only to find out that it burns through EU like crazy. If I had known how much of a power hog this thing is, I would've stuck with the NanoChestPlate. Any plans to scale back the power demands of this thing?

    P.S. Not sure if if matters, but I'm playing with the FTB Ultimate 1.1.2 version.