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    Holla People,

    The nick's elementalist for those of you who can't read, not sure how your reading this but anyhow, currently a Uni student, have about 1-1.5 years profession programming experience. I like anime, manga, books. I'm a geek and usually online 16/7.

    I think I forgot to tell the majority as a whole that I would be missing for a while due to moving house and lack of internet. Still moving in, but internet is temporarily up for the moment. Now to catch up on what I've missed. Bout to go introduce myself (late intro is better then nothing).

    Nick: elementalist
    I try and stay away from "Curse"(read their licensing if you want to know the reason) so no MC-Forum anymore.
    MC account name: elementalist
    Timezone: GMT+10
    Position: Developer; I would like to focus on the SMP side of things later on once IC^2 has finished stabilising the refactoring/clean-up.

    2-3 Years of professional work as a developer, though only as c#, php. I am currently half way through 2nd year of my computer science degree. PHP is my hobby language, but I mostly work in Java for Uni.

    When I read your post about you ending support for IC on the MC-Forum, I immediately started thinking about just keeping it working with new versions of MC. But since it turned out your starting IC^2, I'm up for helping out in the best way I can.

    Edit: Forgot to delete template from post :whistling: