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    just did a test run on the math and your right you do get more the long way. stack of 64 Obsidian gets you 2 Diamonds the fast way while the long way gets you 2 Diamonds-3 Gold Ore-3 Iron Ore-2 Redstone Ore-6 Cobblestone. which means that when you convert the long way you get, 2.98046875 Diamonds and that's with pure EE no dusts at all. with IC2 you get 5 Diamonds-3 Gold Ingots-2 Iron Ingots for a total of 5.875 Diamonds(short by a little since when going from Redstone to Iron the value doubles and i didn't want to figure out that part of the math)

    here's my modified version of the 32 flat design... cuz it must be square or i'll pull all my hair out... not as efficient as there are only 25 per batbox, but it's flat, it's square and you can make it in multiples of 100 and that's just awesome. not to mention you only need 3 colors to make it as big as you'll ever want.

    3,4=order of batboxes in pic

    the left and down wires for box 4 are connected

    also there is a straight wire connect to each of the boxes; 1 right-2 left, 2 down-4 up, 4 left-3 right, and 3 up-1 down

    about rubber trees.

    there is a small chance that when you cut down a block that you also get resin. is that a repeatable thing like turning gravel into flint or one-shot only.

    also if you place a tree block down is there a chance that a resin spot will be on it on it or do those only happen as part of the sapling turning into a tree?

    P.S. loved the Let's Play and it let me find IC2 and EE