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    Personal Safe causes a crash when the miner tries to put a mined block into the safe. I know it probably isn't the intended use for the safe but I love the new animation. :thumbup:

    Tested with normal chest, double chest, all working as intended.

    Error Report (edited couldent get the code tag working right with the error log for some reason, snapped a pic hope that's ok)

    Main Error I fixed somewhat for copy/paste

    Yeah I had two sprites in it because I wanted to have an off one for when the heater didn't heat. Haven't figured out how to do that yet. Last thing I tried it changed the sprite for every heater item in the game :

    I am only a real novice coder at best but umm, unless ya havent already I would want to check the Re-Battery code as it has 5 different sprites it changes between. I would think some if conditions and connect those to the power state of the nuclear reactor that way it only glows when actually in the reactor, and then gets it glow brightness determined by the energy level contained by the heater (while in the reactor powered on). You could also go the way of how much the heater is outputting.

    Also you sprite looks perfect. Exactly what it needed. So would you be ok with it if I used yours in the addon? (Off course you'll get all the credit for it ;) )

    Sure thing, although now that I slept I think it's got a little too much glow. I will try and redo it to make it a little better for ya. Also if you get the animation worked out I can add additional sprite glow levels, as many as u need. :thumbup:

    As for the mod, still loving it :D , I designed one that ate up the heater energy fast, then I designed one that ate the cooling components fast. Still trying to find the correct balance for optimal breeding. I am also still on 0 chamber so lots and lots of data to process. I was only about 3 or 4 hours into breeding when I found the mod soooo, maybe me trying to be cheap and leave in the heater to maintain max heat the entire breeding process is a bad idea. I notice other designs that use lava buckets only heat to a certain point then stop.

    THANK YOU! :love: Makes my breeding sequence easier

    Did a quick sprite for myself I thought I would share in-case creator or anyone else wants it. Everyone feel free to use it however you want. Looks a lot like my space heater cept more square instead of rectangle heh.

    There was 2 sprites in the original (in index mode) one colored one not so I think the creator is/may still be working on the charged/uncharged sprite rendering code, I also added the off sprite just for compliance :thumbup:

    Thanks again for the mod!

    Just rename to item_1.png and add to the IC2 jar file (@ location ic2/sprites inside the IC2 jar file)