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    haven't seen this one

    see title. 1.8.1 features fenceposts in mineshafts. If a drill comes directly on top of a fence, it will mine it. If it is adjacent it will stop until you remove the offending fence or reposition the miner directly over it.


    Pump/Miner Combo stopping after it extracts a lava block and requiring the mining drill to be removed and replaced, releated to Pumps being too slow

    still exists


    mining bedrock

    haven't seen this though it isn't marked as fixed in the sticky.

    First we'll need reusable boosters!

    Neither temperature nor pressure exists, sorry :P

    I think at least temperature is in. Risugami's sign mod has been able to show temp for several versions now. And in 1.9, snow sometimes freezes nearby water bodies.

    To OP, I'm into it. We could tweak our reactors to squeeze out extra performance. They're already pretty complicated though; unless you read the forums you're likely to turn your house into a smoking hole in the ground.

    Well I've never melted anything. I pick up one of the isotopes for a bit if it starts getting too hot. Anyway, it's a breeder. I haven't seen one that doesn't require plenty of lava and excessive micro. Point is, this one takes less lava yet still enriches 3 cells, and is pretty darn stable temperature wise.