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    I don't think so. All those machines are manually operated machines in my crafting room. There is no automation, I put manually items in and I manually take items out.
    But yes, the EU power is accessing those machines from other side of the chunk boundary, via cables.

    And yes, I just checked several other blocks where this problem is and ALL of them are on chunk boundaries. But no one is in the chunk corner. But it is possible that I never had any machine in chunk corner. I will try to place some machine in a corner and we will see.

    1. No.
    2. No.
    3. I will try to upload FML log somewhere, it is a bit big (650k or similar)
    4. I made two pictures. One with F3 info (coordinates etc.) and one without. Also I switche on F9 (chunk boundaries) and yes, the problematic machines are on chunk boundaries, but not in the corners.
    5. It is singleplayer environement and I never played on any server in the past (if this made some difference).

    Oh I forgot to add:

    5. It is location related, not machine related. On some blocks I can see this bug with several types of GT machines exactly at the same spot. On the other side, if I move the machine from problematic block somewhere else, the machine is without any problem.

    Greg, It seems that I found a strange bug.

    The behavior of this bug is similar to bug mentioned in Q et A - "After loading a world, some machines looks like an advanced machine block", but it is different.

    1. Machine not only looks like Advanced Machine block, but also behaves like AMB. For example if it it AESU, I found the cables disconnected, sorter is missing items in filter etc.
    2. It is necessary to use wrench, dismout machine, mount again and everything is OK. Only AESU is without energy etc.
    3. I can see this behavior only in world based on Biomes o Plenty. In my other world (vanilla MC worl) where I have a lot more GT machines, I never see this bug.
    4. It is only one block from many (for example only one oven in the row of three same ovens), but consistently the same one (between the world loads).

    Do you have any idea what can be wrong ? I suppose that all mods are up to date, except BoP where I must go more than week back to (or similar number)

    Greg have you through about giving your mod a more realist workshop environment.

    In a normal workshop environment if you send too much power into a machine it will blow but does not destroy everything in a three meter radius of itself. When it blows up you should be able to repair it with tools and parts not have to replace it. Large machines in the actual industry have circuit breakers and fuses to prevent just such a problem. Industrial machines do explode because they don't have such safeguards in place.

    One thing I find missing from the workshop environment is circuit breakers fuses & switchboards. If I had a switchboard I could turnoff parts of my workshop that were not required when I was offline this would help reduce server lag on the server.

    I do not think that this is a GT problem.
    This is an IC2 thing. The whole concept of electricity is wrong in IC2 (from the beginning) and it seems that the designer was some kind of gender studies MBA or similar specie. Definitely not an engineer.

    Generally, the electricity do not travel in any kind of packets and when you connect several sources together via one cable, you are connecting them in parallel, not in serial. This is the first and main non-sense in the IC2.
    Secondly, there are terms like "voltage" - the potential difference between two ends of cabling and "current" - the speed of change when the system try to find equilibrium. Also, there is a resistance of different wires.

    It does not make sense to add various fancy blocks to fix something what is badly designed from the base. It will be better to redesign the whole concept of voltage and current flows in the cabling.

    Something like "Hello, I am a source. I am kind of soft source, so I can supply only 32 EU/tick if I should be at +128 EU level". "I am a heavy duty machine, I need +128 EU level and constantly 128/tick current, otherwise I will slow down". "Hello, I am a copper wire. Voltage difference in not a problem (it never was), but keep in mind that I have a resistance X. So, if the current is too much, I will probably melt down."
    There is no space for machine explosions in the realistic model of elecricity. The cabling can burn, this is real. But machine explosion ? This in non-sense. But this need to be fixed and redesigned in the base IC2, not in the GT.

    The more realistic model in MC should look like: "I am a source (low ESR and really hard source) and I supply +512". "I am a copper wire and I can transfer only 128 EU/tick". "I am an hungry macerator and I need constat current of 32EU/tick if I should be 32 above the ground, otherwise I will shut down". Etc. etc. etc. :)

    bronze age machines, small coal boiler + squeezing extractor.
    I tought that latest GT and NEI had bronze age machines support. [Look for those mentioned above and Bronze Blast Furnace]

    Mostly, they are steam powered (and less efficient) versions of the electric ones.

    I see, thx a lot. It seems that NEI somehow hide this kind of recipes.
    No problem, I am not a steampunk fan, so I will probably skip this step and cheat-in some normal machines in the world. :)

    Ehm, I just started a new world (I want to try Biomes O Plenty) and I am a bit confused.
    I found a rubber tree, made a treetap, got some sticky resin. How I am supposed to process the resin to rubber ? When I use NEI, I only get recipes where is used either extractor on industrial centrifuge. The normal processing of the resin to rubber does not work. I cannot make the machines, because the rubber is needed for manufacturing. Kind of Catch 22. :)

    and the overflow plasma? should i just use a tank as plasma storage and use it onDemand?

    also, did you read my post about fluidnames, i doubt :D

    You can use tanks without any problem. Personally, I am using one large 9x9x8 Railcraft tank just as a show tank (glowing plasma looks cool) and quantum tank (as a real storage space). Connected with golden and emerald BC pipes I am pumping the excess plasma from RC tank to quantum tank.

    Plus I am using ender tanks as a "transport" to the places where I need energy. At those places I connect plasma generator to the ender tank with gold/emerald BC pipe.


    one quick question. Or two actually, maybe three. :)

    1. When I use drain or shutter covers on pipes, those covers need to be powered right ? If so, what is the max input ?
    2. Can a GT pipe (e.g. item pipe) work as cable ? Or I must use both pipe and cable, running in parallel ?
    3. If cover is attached to pipe (shutter cover for example) and this piece of pipe is attached to machine, can the cover draw power from the machine ?


    Yes there is a way. GT-Liquid Detector Covers, which output a Redstone Signal depending on the Fill Status of the Tank they are attached to. Then attach said Redstone Signal to a GT-Redstone Display, select the Format using a Screwdriver, and then if you want, you can also paint the Display with a GT Spray or an IC² Painter.

    @Sirus: Yes.

    Hmm, this is not what I asked for. I would like to be able to see the exact amout of liquids in the tanks. Exact - I mean at least to one bucket, if not milibucket.

    The reason is that I built the whole fuel factory with Logistic Pipes as a kind of PID (proportional-integrative-derivative) regulator and I need to fine tune the PID coefficients (via certain amounts of items stored here and there and so on). But the time interval of convergence is long.
    So I made the simulation of the whole setup in Matlab/Simulink on another machine. But for the simulation and fine tuning of Kp, Ki, Kd, I need the exact values from tanks. And it is a bit dull to run around and right click on the tanks and write numbers on another keyboard. So my idea was a display, because I can feed the picture of the display (MC running in window) periodically to my program (I have an utility for this), convert bitmap picture of display to the numbers via OCR and feed those numbers to my simulation.

    But after several hours, it seems that it will not be necessary. It seems that I almost fine tuned the setup just by hand. All those years of practice in RL was handy :)


    I have one question. Is there a possibility in GT/IC2 or some other mod how to monitor the amounts of liquids in various tanks and display the amounts on some kind of display ?

    I know that there is a posibility to have sensors on MFUs etc. and display with Nuclear control mod. But I would like to be able to visualise the amount of deuterium/tritium/plasma in fusion reactor tanks.

    I am really happy that a pure combination of GT machines and Logistic Pipes works as a fuel factory. Both mods works under 1.6.4 and it is not necessary to have bunch of other mods like Factorisation, RP2, Thermal expansion etc. just for the reactor running.

    Houston, we have a problem :)

    It seems that you fixed the fluid intake, but not the fluid extractors.
    Currently, the reactor is glowing yellow, consuming deuterium/tritium and power, but the material extractors are empty and there is no plasma :(

    EDIT: OMG, sorry please disregad this nonsense. There was a delaly between start and plasma production. Now it seems that everything works. At least partially. :)