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    Since im here for tiny jump, I'm asking everyone here for write here suggestion for which Aspect and what amount should have be in our Addon things.

    Thnx for response. I add it later since something will be here ! : )

    Here example of Thaumium Generator

    public static AspectList generatorThaumium = new AspectList()
    .add(Aspect.ENERGY, 10)
    .add(Aspect.EXCHANGE, 15)
    .add(Aspect.MECHANISM, 10)
    .add(Aspect.MAGIC, 2)
    .add(Aspect.METAL, 5);

    dont worry and just write up Latina name like "Permutatio" instead of EXCHANGE ! I change it up later !

    Or, I can just put up special config for setting up how many aspects should be in machines, which could look just AWESOME ! 3:)

    He seems to be playing around with lots of outdated addons/mods. Probably learning.
    By the way, this addon may be outdated soon, as of 1.7

    In code are already prep stuff for 1.7 : ) And, actually, idk how master about IC2 & BC, but still is needed to get stable version of both of this mods.
    And I go play with 1.6 already more and more then after 1.7 release. Simple because Im focused totally at Thaumcraft and Thermal Expansion integration.

    Key :

    I don't know why it won't be usable, even there is Project:RED, because PR is maybe far then this, but in gates and still miss lot of great stuff from RedPower. In case it will be really implemented.
    Like Alloy Smelter, like my favorite Retriever. They have pipes, but, i like old school from RedPower. At all, mainly Frames. But out of sentiment and missing old times.

    You can fairly and better replace RedPower with

    MFFS - Frames
    ProjRED - Core, Logic, Illumination, Exploration
    WRCBE - Wireless Redstone ( Before Addon for RP2, now for PR )

    But, sometime Im just playing 1.4, because there is RedPower and, im sorry for say that but... ProjectRED is NOT replace. There can't be ANY mod which will be as awesome as RedPower2 was and still is, even in older version. Eloraam make it and maintain it for long and long times and her work is unforgetable.

    And, by me.... Even ProjRED is in FTB Packs, I still don't use any of it. Because I just simply use Thermal Expansion pipes and tubes and lot of people using Applied Energetics.

    Before all of those mods, I think we all use Barrels, RedPower Tubes and lot of walking through big rooms full of Barrels to get our resource. I miss that times but, also welcome new one, because it really can push community straight forward.

    At all, new 1.7 update changes things and I will be waiting for Thaumcraft and also, I would like to FINALLY see XyCraft, which start to looking for me like Soaryn just taking money and do almost nothing, because its lot of months in 1.6 and he SKIP 1.5... Terrible terrible mods :3

    Well, I'm happy I can working in this Addon. Even because there are futures and things they come in future which can move it to upper section and more interest.

    Also because PowerConverters are no longer updated and mod which can do similar thing still missing and PConv. was really totally NOT nerfed at all for some cost.
    It was stupid.

    So, welcome new era of converting things, not only just IC2 / MJ, forward and back, but lot more things I hope. : )

    I have not enough time in last few weeks and in moment I gotta go away, again, next days will be just job and sleep, so not much time to be interested if im tired.

    Also master I have few things which I would like to send you in next days, probably Wednesday since I'll be back.

    It's about Thaumcraft Integration and there are some comments.

    ( After checking source tree in Eclipse, its just wooohoooo... More packages then IC2 have ? Aka... Really? :D )

    - snip -

    Yep, I mean Alchemical Furnace.

    Also, another one shot

    Industrial Jar ( Name is up to you :3 at all )

    - This Essentia container need continous supply of EU, like 1 EU / t, but is able to store 512 Essentia points and work similar to Jar of Essentia ( "Essentia Type" ).
    - But, is quite nerfed, because once you place it, you aren't able to break it like normal Jar of Essentia, because everything store inside this Jar just dissapear.
    - Through all need Thaumium Plates, Reinforced Glass and 8 basic Jars, but this can lead you to new way of storing your Essentia.
    - Can be really helpfull if you really understand how work different types of Essentia Tubes and know way how recieve only one type of Aspect in Alchemical Furnace.
    - Would be great to make it in Infusion Crafting.

    Uranium Wand Cap

    Bronze Wand Cap

    Iridium Wand Cap

    - Iridium Bossed Thaumium Covered Silverwood Wand
    - - Made from Iridium Wand Caps, Silverwood Wand Core and Thaumium Plates

    (Since from inspiration of Thaumic Tinkerer and his Ichorium Bossed Ichorloth Strapped Silverwood Wand)

    - More like basic Wand Core. Allow you to store 75 vis and have no special abilities. Except of one !
    - If used with Wand Focus: Charge, decrease used vis to 50% from original 100 % !

    Thaumium Wrench

    Crushed Cinnabar Ore = Purified Cinnabar Ore

    Crushed Amber Bearing Stone = Purified Amber Bearing Stone

    Uranium Ore Cluster ( Ore Purifying )

    (( Sorry or so fast next suggestions, but this mod is really awesome : ) ))

    I didn't try, but I hope this addon is updated to 4.0.1x Thaumcraft :)

    Also, with new Azanor rework of Aspects, you should check it out for balance purposes.

    And, you should add few things, if its good for you : )

    - Electric Crucible
    - Electric Arcane Furnace
    - Support for IC2 Crops and Lamp of Growth in :
    > Lamp of Growth will speed up growing
    > Lamp of Growth will work like Fertilizer ^
    > Also decrease chance to get bad crops to less usage of Bug Spray : )

    - Industrial Hoe of Growth
    > On setting farmland cost 10EU/block
    > On let tree growth it take from 3kEU/try to 10kEU/try when
    >> Vanilla Saplings take 3 000 EU
    >>>except of Jungle Wood which take from 4 000 EU to 8 000 EU in case then
    >>>> 1 Jungle Sapling take 4k, 2 by 2 take 8 000 EU.
    >> Greatwood take 10 000EU in every case
    >>Silverwood Sapling take 10 000 EU.
    > Have changable mods to farm from 1 block to 5by5 also with certain amout of EU
    >> in suggestion >
    >>> 1 Block = 10 EU
    >>> 3by3 = 100 EU
    >>> 5by5 = 1000 EU

    - Make Thaumium Hammer for working like IC2 Hammer, but with 512 durability instead of 128 and make upgrade for it.
    >> Thaumium Electric Hammer which instead of using durability will use in crafting EU in it

    At all, recipes require scan of certain block / item !
    In this cases you need to scan IC2 Hammer, Hoe of Growth etc.

    - Lamp of Treebreed !
    > This lamp increase chance that you will gain Oak wood tree in mature state as that you can see in Magical Forest ! Which means, more wood ! Require 1 Point of Arbor Essentia to increase chance by 20 % ! : )
    > In default with this lamp it increase for 2 % then you'll gain in radius Magical Forest tree ! : )

    - Add TCPB - "Thaumaturgist TCBP" ! With use with "Thaumic Terraformer" it will slowly change biome to Magical Forest !
    > In case up on it is Jar of Essentia ( Praecantatio ) !
    > In case up on it is Jar of Essentia ( Vitium ), it will change to Tainted biome or
    > In case up on it is Jar of Essentia ( Tenebrae ), it will change to Eerie biome : )

    - Wand focus: Charge
    > This Foci can charge up your Electric stuff in inventory if you right click with it, but have huge cost of Aer, Ignis and Ordo aspects ! ( Because Potentia is Ordo and Ignis and electricity make sense to be potentia and aer. I hope so ) : )

    I have lot of more suggestion and things im currently doing for you ( like textures, if youre not straight beware of it ) : )
    Thanks for read it ! : )

    Also, I would like to have help from you with Thaumcraft Integration, because simple read of Thaumic Tinkerer isn't enough : )

    Hope TeamViewer still working. As I'm back, im working on implementation with Thaumcraft 4.0.1x API and things for Thaumcraft stuff.

    Hope here will be some kind of enjoyable stuff. At all, generators and IC is about master at this moments : )

    Oh, and multiple recipes will be handled for get support from GregTech, Railcraft, Thaumcraft and Thermal Expansion. Hope ConfigHandler can handle it :3

    Well, are you sure you're using enough powerful 'weapon' (Server) ? In this case mean CPU and RAM ? Im sorry but 10k of TileEntity is probably totally insane number even on normal servers for me -.-

    If your problem will continous even with UPDATE, try use AWESOME mod created by Nallar called TickThreading ;)

    If your problems will continue, you'll need to figured out what caused it with something else and you missing few great mods like spelled TickThreading, Opis, TickProfiler and other...

    Hi there, I'm back !
    I will make textures done, but I dont agree with this multi - multi texturing, but beside this, I catch great idea.
    New way with Fan on upper side and pulsating texture on sides for cables. In some way, but one way.
    This looks weird and annoying :P

    I'll do it in my branch also with alllllll other textures + some recode and send it to you with new clone of latest work ! :3

    Yeah, I actually forgot about IC2... oops.. :P Derp on my part. Sorry!

    Thats not derp actually :)

    You can update even without it and to @Mod remove ic2 if is there also can check in FML for dependencies hierarchy so you can be sure mod will load even without those two mods :)

    Also its possible, because we have several things which are coded totally without other mods like blocks, items etc. so we can actually prepare, but I dont recommend it, because I dont want setup Gradle somehow magically :D

    Would be nice to expand bronze age as something that you could actually enjoy playing instead of mostly skipped over by people rushing electric.

    I have no idea why everyone need to have Electric Age. I'm actually totally using Steam Age machines and love them ! Maybe because I'm huge fan of SteamPunk and listening J.H. Alchemy while my machines are in processing is just.... Awesome :D

    I actually check out "Steam Tools" and for me, personally its pretty lovely thing. Also if there could be some SteamPack for carry few thousand of steam to long Journeys...
    Maybe through time... To Bronze Age. To Steam Age... To age, where everything beggin. Where you never ever dream about Fusion Reactor.


    I NEVER build Fusion Reactor :O Such a poor fan of Electric I am ? :( But huge of lovely steamPowered thingies :3

    Actually, people. You still want to put something in GregTech. Did you ever know there is API ? Try someone like ever to make an addon for IC2 + Addon, so you could be able to play addon for addon while you play addon for mod. Should try it. Now, I gotta go to land of frozen eyes, darker, deeper and closer to only one bright which count. To bright of :Lava Cell:and:Uranium Cell:... :D

    Is here ANY possible way to turn off that, personally for me, very unliked stuff from Creative Tabs and otherwise, from GregTech...?
    That "stuff" I mean 4k of Dusts, Ingots, Crystals etc etc etc which arent used and are "Ghost Items".
    Also aren't pretty to look for me, so I just ask if is here possibility to turn it off, thnx for answer.

    (Yes, I ride through CONFIG, but didnt find anything relative to this stuff)

    Thank for answer guys :3

    Ive got a little feedback :)

    Using generators is pretty unbalanced, at least, using Potentia Generator for make EU.
    As far as I know, Potentia is gained from Redstone. If you put redstone on Arcane Furnace, you gained pretty much EU,
    but burn Redstone in machines gives you less, so id its not purpose, you could change it please to make less EU or make config for it, which I really apprechiate ?

    Cross of all, AWESOME addon ! :3