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    How about taking a soils sample with an special shovel(saves oredata to nbt) and then putting that sample into an scanner at home saving the data to an datastick. that stick can be printed out and added to an book where you find the analysis data + coordinates?.

    That sounds even better then you don't have to move it around. Just go and collect some soil samples (core samples) sort of the same way industrial mining is done.

    What really would be cool if there was a way to scan the whole chunk for it's ore value to see if it would be worth mining.
    Maybe a block that works like this:

    "Taking soil sample"
    "Analyzing sample...30 minutes remaining."
    "Analyzing sample...20 minutes remaining."
    "Analyzing sample...10 minutes remaining."
    "Analysis complete: High traces of Magnetite, Copper ore and Redstone with small trace of Iorn ore identified."

    I was planning to have a room for my power plant and have power cables going to all my machines, but with the transfer losses higher than 1.6.4 I don't see this as a good idea anymore. Would it be a good idea to have GT steam turbines right next to my machines then have my steam power plant in it's own building.

    Is there any loss with the pipes small or large?

    Idea - make it have variable size: the bigger it is the longer it takes to warm up but also to cool down. With big enough size it can even stay warm enough to produce during nighttime/rain.

    Or have a separate heating unit and hot water storage and make it possible to insulate the storage so that it wouldn't cool down too fast.

    Greg could you have a hybrid solar boiler, that runs on solar during the day and coal/biofuel during the night to prevent it from cooling down?

    The Plutonium Pickaxe is much more fun. At least once I add the Special Effects for the Materials.

    Here some of the new Generators. The higher Tier Generators have a much lower Efficiency but also a higher Voltage, as in they produce Energy faster. And those Turbines are actually Steam Turbines (even though they look exactly like the Gas Turbines), but the Turbines have a very low Efficiency. The Generator and the Semifluid Generator will be small Boilers once I'm done, so you need at least two Blocks.

    Those Generators output 32, 128 and 512 EU/t (2049, 8192 and 32768 for the Naquadah ones), meaning you need less Blocks even though they are much more expensive to build.

    Cool new Generators, now we just need some insane device/machine that needs all the power..... I know a stargate that needs 8192 to run :thumbsup:

    I do like the idea of the solarpanels but they are a little OP. I don't really like the idea of just adding 8 panels together with a transformer to get the next teir. It's ok for the LV and MV level but it might be better to maybe have a multiblock solar farm, which you can add panels to it as you have them.

    No but it can make steam. Use the steam from the Big Reactor with Gregs Large Steam Turbine now you have EU. You could also use the railcraft turbine too. Big Reactors cannot explode "Yet" it's still being work on.

    While I am waiting for the updated GregTech, I have been messing around with Agrarian Skies on FTB. It’s quite a difficult pack to get started with I was thinking of restarting since I got the hang of it and add IC2 and GregTech.
    The main thing I like about it is the whole questing system.

    You can already place Batteries in the Battery Slots of the Basic Machines, but in addition to that, this Slot will also recharge the Battery if the Machine is inactive, so you can use that Slot as a replaceable Battery Upgrade. But basically it lets you swap your "Battery Upgrades" when you got better Batteries, since the Battery itself is not considered an Actual Upgrade anymore.

    Will there be any machines that ZPMs can be placed in like a massfab?

    Greg any chance of having a "integrated circuits fabrication machine" that makes circuits & chips. You could have different types circuits used in your machines. I do like the Assembling Machine but it's does so much (too much) and the complexity of crafting circuits should be done with a different more complex machine. (It should also have to use solder)

    Yesterday I updated my Gregtech 4.08s and IC2 398 It all works fine. I now need Red Alloy to make circuit I read something a little while back saying that you can use copper dust and mix it with redstone in a crafting grid to make tiny piles of red alloy dust. This doesn’t work and it’s not in NEI.

    NEI says that Red Alloy ingots are made in the Alloy Smelter but that requires a circuit to craft it...... I am lost..... I know I am missing something really simple here.