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    Yeah,place+forget system is going for sure,its like confirmed by Albalka (atleast xKillberbees says so) - it pushes down every other type of generator except maybe reactors (wich are going to waste a lot of resources before you realise what you are doing),and even by this fact its OP.Its just a matter how will new system look.

    I just watched xKillerbees latest lets play,and he has a point - solar panels are broken and OP right now.You place them,and dont think about them - at all,ever again.I was watching a show on discovery last night,and it was about solar panels somewhere in Spain,im probably wrong but yeah,where they have hundreds of them,and almost every day they have to replace few panels - not the whole thing,just panels,wich made me think of an idea - what if we had panels that would wore out after time,and then we had to replace them?Not the whole block,just simple right click and put in panel.Im sure this has been sugested before,but theres an addition to this idea - different types of panels.Some that wore out fast,but produce more energy,and vice versa,some that cost less to make,but produce less energy and last short (for begginers),and some that are extremely powerfull and extremely expensive to make.

    System would be simple - right click solar panel,input panel in right slot,panel has a bar (like batterys and tools have),and is lowering down while solar panel is producing energy.I think it would be real easy to code for Albalka (keeping in mind that his skill in coding),and it would be cool neat thing we could have in IC2.What do you guys think?

    I used to think that Eloraam made very stupid thing by adding bunch of useless ores,but now that i think about it (and read her FAQ),it makes more sense to add generated blocks you want in first release,and then later add use to them,rather than adding with each release new generated blocks,requiring players to explore new chunks to find these ores (wich can be good,but sometimes it looks nice when you got it all in one place).

    Regarding this topic,for me it would be good both ways - not adding any more ores would be just fine,we already have everything we need of base resources.Adding more metals would be bad,atleast for now,but adding gases and liquids - whole new thing.

    What does Albalka think of certain gas pockets (english is not my prime language so im improvising with words here,bare with me),or liquid chambers,things like that?I know oil and fuel has already been used,but theres so many original things that can be done...

    Hi Feanturi,

    my name's necans (my IGN also),and im a regular IC player since April (i think it was version two point something).I really liked the idea of IC being MP,but never got into it.I played so much SP,that i decided i should try MP.I cant say for myself,but people say im polite,mature and friendly,but you be judge of that.Im good technician,but i cant make things look pretty,only functional and compact (my SP world is a mess).

    I think thats enough,hope to get accepeted and see you ingame!