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    rubber regen seems like the client isn't getting an update, disconnect and reconnect or surprisingly right clicking with an empty hand will make it update to show its filled again.

    Also seems to be a very minor client desync issue with solar helmets and batpacks on a hosted server. wearing both when it hits nighttime the EU stored will stop counting up, but unequipping either and re-equiping seems to not check if its night time client side and it'll show phantom EU gain, also reconnecting during night time will also cause this, as well as weather change. None of this was tested with any time or weather manipulation commands, just naturally occuring.

    take 2 geothermals and place them on the ground, set the electric wrench to lossless mode. put some lava cells in the geo's to where theres excess in the lower slot and then pick the first one up with the wrench, wrench will now have next to no power, don't recharge it. you should have the excess cells and the geothermal, now do the same to the other generator with the underpowered wrench, it'll eerror that it doesn't have enough power and the geothermal will now be empty of extra cells. poof, into the aether they go.

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