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    What math? Did Greg specifically say they are supposed to give 8m EU at some point?

    Plasma cells only generate 4096k EU each. This is even stated in the NEI tooltip. - 8192k - 8192k (Yes it's for pre 4.0 but I see no mention of change from 3.0 to 4.0 notes from Greg)

    What NEI tooltip are you referring to? My NEI tooltip does not state the amount of energy the plasma cells generate. Can you tell me how to turn on this feature?
    I now see the tooltip stating that they only generate 4096k EU. Does anyone know when this change was made?

    In in addition to the lower total output, you can only run 16 plasma generators total with this equation. I have been using Gregtech for awhile and I'm pretty sure I've always been able to run at least 32 since v2.82c.

    I have tested the Plasma Generator on multiple versions of 4.07 and the output seems to be skewed from all known sources that talk about the plasma generator. According to the math I have found, each cell of Plasma should output 8,192,000 EU total at 2048eu/t for roughly 3.3 minutes given 20 tps. However when I attach a Plasma Generator to a MFSU and insert one Plasma cell, it will only fill up 4 million EU and expires in half the time it should. I also noticed when using the portable scanner on the Plasma generator it will only fill up to roughly 22k of the internal stored energy instead of the 1 billion that it states.

    Was there a change to the Plasma generator that I've missed or is this a bug? I looked through the unofficial change log and did not notice see any mention of it.

    I tested this on 1.6.4 on a new clean forge server with only IC2 (each time using the version Greg recommended for that version of GT) and GT 4.07 (several versions since December) installed in addition to several premade mod packs and found the same result.

    I have been unable to export any items into the frogcraft machine inventory. Is there are way you can add support for this? I am able to extract items from the frogcraft machine inventory via ME Import Buses just fine, however I cannot use a ME Export Bus, ME Interface, Hopper, or anything else to put items in the inventory.

    Any way you can fix this, or send me a link for the 1.5.2 version of your source?