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    Can't wait for the quantum era! Also, if I may ask, would you be able to do a short guide on nuclear power? I've looked up some guides, and I either can't find any for 1.6.4, or they have links to a diagram which I don't totally understand. Either way, this guide has been incredibly useful, can't wait for the next update.

    I must say, I cannot wait for the high-tech era section to come up. I'm ALMOST to the stainless steel age, and this guide has helped so much. I never would have even seen things like the wiremill, or the cheaper recipes for circuits. I was fairly bad at Gregtech, this is incredibly useful! Thanks for making it!

    One thing you might want to make a little note of for the mid-eras is, the transformers need one per machine, if you're stepping from an MFE down to power your blast furnace or electrolyzer. A transformer would take the HV down to 128 eu/t TOTAL over ALL outputs. This leads to the "insufficient energy line" issue. Asked around and found out why that was happening. I had my MFE connected to my electrolyzer, grinder, and blast furnace, with a single MV transformer to step it down. I was used to the 1.4 and 1.5 way of doing it, in which that would work. Each of them kept stopping, and while my grinder would be able to just say it was insufficient once and then finish it, my blast furnace just devoured my energy. Placing a transformer directly against them and removing the one connected to the MFE fixed the problem.

    I see the issue, the problem is that an MV transformer no longer splits 512EU into packets of 128EU. It now has a maximum throughput of 128EU/t for all the output faces, combined. Use one MV transformer per MV machine.

    Ohh, that's what it is? Thank you! I'll change that up now.

    Did you overclock it?

    If not, screenshot your setup, and I will explain what's wrong with it.

    Nope, didn't overclock.

    To explain the mess, it's just 2 open slots where I'll be putting my centrifuge and some other 128eu/t machine. I'm working on getting dedicated MFE's. The electrolyzer was not running when this was happening. The only thing connected was my blast furnace, which I cut off to stop it from eating power. I'm going to be moving everything to a more open and accessible location soon, but for now this is what I have.

    I think I'm missing something with this mod. The normal IC2 extractor seems to have no recipe, while the only gregtech extractor requires a blast furnace to make the steel to make the extractor. What am I missing? Even making simple connecting cables seems to be impossible, because I can't make rubber without an extractor.

    A GT hammer (not a rubber one) on top of two ingots in a crafting table makes a plate.

    Ah, I must have missed that. I wasn't looking at the other plate, just the dark gray one, thanks. Although, why are some of the plates not having recipes, like the reinforced iron plate and such?

    I'm quite confused currently. When I view the recipe of a circuit from ic2, it says I need an iron plate. when I view the recipe of the iron plate, it shows me I need a plate bending/plate cutting machine (it also shows me the recipe of a railcraft iron plate, not the ic2 plate like I tried to do). When I view the recipe of that, I need......a circuit. This just seems like an endless loop to me, am I missing something? No other recipes show up. (Also, things like the dense iron plate and reinforced iron plate don't have recipes in NEI for me...)

    I hit R on the NEI menu to see a crafting recipe, not one for IC2. It was a wand from Thaumcraft, to be exact. I then crashed with this error report:

    I omited system details so that it would meet the character limit. Anyone know why this is happening? (For the creepy cool faces, I assume those were an 8 followed by ). Sorry about that.)